Students on scaffolding at Balliol

first_imgStudents of the college have been found by night-porters to be able to access the scaffolding from their rooms, without setting off the alarms on the lowest level of the construction.These alarms are in place to stop poeple gaining access to the college buildings from the street. However, the college has organised for the rest of the scaffolding to be alarmed so that anyone attempting to mount the scaffolding from higher up will trigger the alarm and summon a porter.The email from Douglas Dupree states that, “Once the alarm is in place the College will have to react seriously to anyone who violates this notice (and consider this email as due notice) that the scaffolding is OFF LIMITS. So be warned, for your own safety sake. Stay off the scaffolding. It is dangerous.”However, a lot of students are annoyed about the presence of the scaffolding, which is causing much inconvenience to those living in the building. A third-year at Balliol who declined to be named said, “We were told there would be issues with light and noise (which are actually worse than was stated), but nobody warned me that I would open my curtains and frequently have several men see me in my underwear. I have to decide between feeling comfortable in my room or having the curtains open and being able to actually see what I’m doing.”last_img read more

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