Read and Manage Your Gmail in Vim with Vmail

first_imgGrowing Phone Scams: 5 Tips To Avoid Tags:#hack#Tools klint finley How to Write a Welcome Email to New Employees? Love Vim? Use Gmail? Then check out Vmail, a Ruby-based Gmail client for Vim written by Daniel Choi. Vmail gives you a full command line interface for Gmail from within Vim, including reading, composing, starring, deleting, archiving and marking spam.Of course, Emacs users have been able to check e-mail from within Emacs for years. “A common criticism that text editor (vim) fans throw in the face of operating system fans (emacs) is that a text editor should simply edit text,” writes Steve Klabnik at The Changelog. “I’m slightly torn, but it’s still pretty freaking cool.” Don’t worry Vim purists: it’s just a plugin, not a change to the Vim core.Screenshot via The ChangelogVmail requires:a Gmail accounta relatively recent version of Vim (vmail is developed against Vim 7.3)Ruby with SSL support compiled in (vmail is developed using Ruby 1.9.2)RubyGems (if Ruby version is older than 1.9)the lynx text-only-mode web browser is required to view HTML mail parts in vmailThe current version of Vmail requires a Unix-like environment, but Choi says he hopes to support Windows in the future.center_img Related Posts Why You Love Online Quizzes 7 Types of Video that will Make a Massive Impac…last_img