India Today readers write to Editor Aroon Purie

first_imgA Big Let-downP. ChidambaramIt is as if the horse that was expected to win the race stopped midway (“Big Bucks, No Bang”, March 12). P. Chidambaram has disappointed the common man. Obviously, many political factors have been influencing the minister.K.V. RAGHURAM, Wayanad Budget 2007 is a wasteful exercise. There is,A Big Let-downP. ChidambaramIt is as if the horse that was expected to win the race stopped midway (“Big Bucks, No Bang”, March 12). P. Chidambaram has disappointed the common man. Obviously, many political factors have been influencing the minister.K.V. RAGHURAM, WayanadBudget 2007 is a wasteful exercise. There is no relief for genuine taxpayers and no provision to check black money transactions.M.S. SHARADA PRASAD, BangaloreThe Budget brings no cheer for the salaried class. The poor are becoming poorer and the rich are getting richer. Housing loan rates are going up as purchasing power is going down. Inflation is spiralling. What is the Planning Commission doing?C.K. RAMANI and JAYANTHI, MumbaiThe finance minister could have been kinder to corporate India. Instead, he has enhanced dividend tax, which will prove to be counter-productive.K. GOPAKUMAR MENON, ThrissurChidambaram has lost a very good chance to prove that he can not only mobilise money for the country’s needs but also check inflation. He has tried to ride high on revenue without going in for new financial exercises.S.S. RAMANATHA RAO, BangaloreThe finance minister deserves appreciation for being socialistic in his approach. He has reduced duty on pet food so that human beings may also change their eating habits.MADHU AGRAWAL, DelhiThe Budget is a success on two counts. One, it has allocated more funds to the long-neglected agriculture sector. This is aimed at arresting the unrest among farmers. Secondly, the focus on education will yield positive results.Y.N. MURTHY, HyderabadA large part of funds may be allocated to agriculture, but the sector does not show any signs of growth. This is because only a small percentage of the allocated amount is actually utilised in this vital sector.VINEETH MARKONDA, on e-mailThe paltry budgetary allocation for training sportsmen in the country and the absence of exemptions for corporates sponsoring sports other than cricket have virtually ensured that at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, India will be nowhere.RAGHAV KAPUR, DelhiCuriously, the finance minister has levied a two-tier excise duty on cement-something that hasn’t been done often in Union Budgets. DILIP SHAH, UdaipurThe finance minister has a golden wand that can be used to contain inflation. If only he had reduced wasteful government expenditure and brought down tax rates, he would have earned the gratitude and the votes of the nation.SURESH PANDIT, MumbaiI am an army officer’s wife, and the Budget hasn’t made life easier for me. Army officers are the most honest taxpayers in the country, yet they are not granted any relief. They end up losing most of their inadequate salaries as tax.MADHU R.D. SINGH, AmbalaIn his 2008 Budget speech, the finance minister should present a progress report of all the budgetary provisions made this year, explaining any negative deviations from expected outcomes, and fixing responsibilities where required. This report should then form the basis of the new Budget.NAVNEET DHAWAN, DelhiBureau of IncompetenceThe CBI has been caught trying to protect Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi for the second time since the UPA came to power (“Not Minding Q”, March 12). The manner in which the supposedly autonomous investigating agency has chosen to crawl before the regime of the day to appease those who hold the reins of power is shameful.J. AKSHAY, SecunderabadPrice Led to the FallThe dismal performance of the Congress in the Punjab and Uttarakhand Assembly elections is attributable to its inability to sympathise with the common man and his worries (“A Dash of Saffron”, March 12). People seem to be looking at the BJP for succour. The party should focus on good governance and avoid communalism.RANJANA MANCHANDA, on e-mailThe results of the Punjab Assembly elections clearly show the wisdom of the voters, who punished the Congress for its indifference to their woes and insensitivity to the concept of accountability to the people. Parkash Singh Badal has done well by saying he will not follow the politics of vendetta that the Congress had adopted.JAYATHEERTHA S. A., HyderabadFamily ChannelIt is nice to read about Chief Minister Kumaraswamy launching a Kannada channel (“Family Serial”, March 12). The Kannada audience is not crazy about filmbased programmes alone, which is the case in some neighbouring states.SURESH N., BangaloreMammoth CorridorsThe idea of providing animal corridors in Rajaji National Park for safe transit of elephants is both timely and necessary (“The Jumbo Job”, March 12). There are many such flyovers for caribou, moose, deer and elk in Africa and Australia and Canada. For elephants, these flyovers must be strong and gently sloping. They are also urgently required in the Dooars, where there are many fatalities due to the Kolkata-Siliguri road and rail link. D.N. BOSE, on e-mailOn a Name and a PrayerThe UPA is against yoga and surya namaskar, but it may allow these in schools provided they are performed under the name of rozana adaab. UDITA AGRAWAL, DelhiTRAIN TO LALU LANDLalu Prasad YadavLalu Yadav’s efforts to provide better facilities at no extra cost (“The Money Train”, March 12) are praiseworthy. VIRENDRA KUMAR TANGRI, DehradunA paltry sum has been allocated to new railway lines such as Haridaspur-Paradip and Bolangir-Khurda Road in Orissa, a state that generates a lot of freight revenue. J.N. MAHANTY, PuriLalu deserves praise for bringing in considerable profits, that too without burdening passengers or freight.JAYANT M. LANJEWAR, NagpurIt is good to see a UPA minister adopting a healthy mix of populism and prudence. Lalu’s Budget is simply stunning.MEGHANA A., Hyderabad advertisementadvertisementlast_img