first_imgFor the Hipperson family, Touch is a normal part of every day life and has been for the last 22 years. This year is special though. Jeb, Tory and Tiffany Hipperson are all playing together with the South Queensland Sharks Mixed Open side, and their mum, Ronda is the manager at the 2005 Asics NTL. For the Hipperson’s who play locally at Southport, Touch has always been something they can share and they have strong memories of playing together as kids. “I remember when we used to do tricks and muck around in the backyard, and it’s great that we now can do that stuff on the field together,” said Tiffany. Having played together for so long, the siblings know each other’s game and capabilities as well as their own. “I think we’re tougher on each other `cos we know what each other is capable of, so when we do something wrong it’s more frustrating,” said Jeb. Knowing each other well is a trait that Tory thinks is especially important when playing mixed touch. “In mixed touch the whole team has to be pretty close in order to be the best, and since some of us are related, we’ve already got that advantage and we push each other harder,” said Tory. While her brothers don’t claim they taught her everything she knows, Tiffany thinks they’ve had a big influence on her Touch success and the boys are proud that their little sister can hold her own on the Touch field. Proud mum, Ronda appreciates the positive impact Touch has had on the lives of her children. “I’m very proud, all of my four kids have made Australian squads and Queensland school teams, and they’ve made so many friends in this sport, friends they will have for a lifetime,” said Ronda. Playing Touch as a family has made the game more enjoyable for all the Hipperson’s. “It’s good getting to play Touch with your family, it’s what Touch is all about really. It definitely enhances the experience,” said Tory. I’m sure a Mixed Open NTL title for the South Queensland Sharks would be something else they wouldn’t mind sharing as a family either. By Lisa Plummerlast_img