Time to Renew Pharmacare Enrolment

first_imgNearly 140,000 Nova Scotians benefit from the province’s family and senior pharmacare programs, and it is time for them to renew their enrolments. Nova Scotia Family Pharmacare program helped more than 11,000 families — or about 35,000 people — with the cost of prescription drugs last year. About 101,000 of the nearly 140,000 seniors in the province are enrolled in Seniors’ Pharmacare. “Nova Scotians who rely on prescription medications to be healthy know how expensive those drugs can be,” said Health Minister Maureen MacDonald. “Pharmacare programs help make prescription drugs more affordable.” Some Nova Scotians have drug insurance through an employer or as part of a pension benefit; others must purchase the drug insurance they need. Family Pharmacare is available to all Nova Scotians, even those who have private drug coverage. Since there is no cost to join, being in the program offers good insurance against high drug costs that can affect anyone at any time. No one is barred from joining the program because of pre-existing medical conditions. Many people think the program is only for low-income Nova Scotians. While it provides the greatest benefit to individuals and families with limited income, Family Pharmacare is also beneficial for families whose drug costs are high or not covered by private health care. Seniors’ Pharmacare is available for Nova Scotians older than 65 who have no other drug insurance. As members renew their enrolment, due by April 1, it is also a good time for other people to consider joining. More information and enrolment forms are available at www.nspharmacare.ca or by calling toll-free at 1-877-330-0323 for Family Pharmacare and 1-800-544-6191 for Seniors’ Pharmacare.last_img