Not all Android devices will get Netflix in 2011

first_imgNetflix subscribers who have been patiently waiting to get a streaming app for their Android device got some hope thanks to Greg Peters from Netflix Product Development. While devices such as the iPhone and the new Windows Phone 7 have been blessed with a Netflix streaming app, Android users have been left in the dark. Peters shared some insight via the Netflix Blog as to why a Netflix app for Android is taking so long.It seems that Netflix isn’t to blame as much as Android’s “lack of a generic and complete platform security and content protection mechanism.” Content protection is important to Netflix because if it is easy for hackers to utilize Android to make copies of the video content, Netflix will have a harder time signing up additional content providers and some current ones would probably jump ship to protect their properties. This doesn’t mean that Android devices are completely out of luck though. Netflix has a workaround, but it means slower development of an Android app and limited deployment.AdChoices广告Netflix is now working with individual handset manufacturers to add content protection to Android devices. Unfortunately, that means that a single Netflix app for all Android devices is not possible. On the positive side it means at least some Android devices are getting a Netflix app sometime next year. The company also committed to work with the Android community, handset manufacturers and other service providers to create a standard digital rights management platform to be utilized on all Android devices.The lack of a standard DRM platform for Android devices is a black eye for Google’s mobile operating system that needs to be addressed. Right now it is not only a concern for consumers when considering an Android smartphone, but is also evidence that Steve Jobs’ criticism of Android’s lack of standards may be justified.Read more at the Netflix Bloglast_img