Gmail time saver send emails in the background

first_imgIf there’s an issue with sending the mail Gmail brings up a big red error message telling you about it and offering to help you fix it. Otherwise you will receive a message when it has successfully been sent.There’s one caveat to using this Background Send feature. It will work as long as you are logged in to your account. If you log out then any email in the process of being sent will fail. So just remember that if you are sending a mail just before switching off your machine you need to wait for that confirmation message to appear.To enable Background Send just navigate to the Labs tab in Gmail and scroll down until you see it as an option. Then click “Enable” and save your changes. It should just start working and could save you minutes every day.Read more at The Official Gmail Blog Google is always pushing to make its services as fast as possible. That usually comes from updates to the code that runs those services, or by tweaking the Javascript engine used in Chrome. But sometimes users can be sped up to by reducing the amount of time they have to wait for specific tasks to complete.The latest feature to be added to Labs in Gmail is called Background Send. Until now, when you sent an email you had to wait for the send to complete before moving on to other tasks such as writing another email. Background Send eliminates this need to wait.AdChoices广告As soon as you hit send the email is as good as gone. Google moves it to a background task so you can click away on the Gmail interface and get on with doing something else. All the time the email is being processed and delivered to the recipient.last_img