Sonys Rube Goldberg S1 S2 teaser video is back for Episode 4

first_imgWe’ve known about Sony’s upcoming S1 and S2 tablets since April, but they’ve remained somewhat mysterious since then. We’ve been catching glimpses of the tablets via the company’s elaborate Rube Goldberg-insprired promotional teasers, but we’re still waiting to get our hands on them. Sony just released its fourth teaser video of the five-episode story, which is just as detailed and entertaining as the past three.The fourth episode, entitled “Two will,” continues the journey of the two wedding-cake topper miniature figurines that appear in all four videos. The catchy soundtrack that appeared in the third video is back for the fourth episode and sounds like something from Indie pop darlings Pomplamoose who we saw cover the Angry Birds theme song.The video still doesn’t give us any information about the tablets themselves, but it’s still fascinating to watch such a captivating contraption. Marbles fly and bubbles float out of old speakers as the figurines move through the course. We’re greeted with a message at the end that says “open your imagination,” which is what we have to do to infer anything about these tablets.Though we didn’t get this information from the videos, we do know that both tablets will run Android Honeycomb. The wedge-shaped S1 will be 9.5-inches and will use a Tegra 2 chip. It will also have PlayStation certification, which means you can run both PSP and first-gen PlayStation games on it. The clamshell dual-screen S2 has two 5.5-inch screens and a Tegra 2 chip as well. When it’s closed, it looks no bigger than a glasses case. However, when it’s opened, the two screens together are about the size of an average tablet screen. The S1 has two cameras, while the S2 has just one.The tablets are rumored to be available for pre-order in August and will ship by late September. Stay tuned for the fifth and final Sony S1 and S2 teaser video which Sony says is “coming soon.”via Engadgetlast_img