Phil Schiller iPhone 5 scratches and chips are normal

first_imgAs our poll yesterday showed, more than a few people are taking their iPhone 5 out of its packaging to find the casing scratched or chipped. For any brand new product that you’ve paid hundreds of dollars to purchase, that’s totally unacceptable. But as far as Apple is concerned, it looks like you’re just going to have to accept their smartphone is prone to damage.That’s the view of Phil Schiller at least, Apple’s president of marketing. He’s probably been getting more than a few emails from iPhone 5 Best Price at Amazon owners complaining about the damage to the aluminum casing, so he decided to respond to one of them. His explanation is not going to make many people very happy.Schiller briefly explains that aluminum will scratch or chip and “that is normal.” That’s all he had to say on the matter and it suggests he thinks iPhone 5 owners just need to accept it is going to happen.That is fair enough, but only if the scratches and chips occur once the phone is in use and not protected in a case. However, taking an iPhone 5 out of its packaging to find it damaged is not right. Hopefully Schiller was just referring to a phone in use (as his “with use” suggests), not brand new handsets that haven’t been touched since leaving the factory.Apple will have to do something to stop the damage happening during manufacturing, but it may not be able to make the aluminum any less prone to damage during use. iPhone case manufacturers won’t mind that one bit as they will see steady sales from consumers wanting to protect their iPhone 5 over the coming months.More at 9to5Maclast_img