Audi ad with Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto wins the Internet

first_imgHow do you make sure Internet creatures, car enthusiasts, and Star Trek geeks all rise up as one in glorious celebration? Ask Audi, because that’s exactly what will happen with their latest ad.Hearing that Leonard Nimoy is in a commercial is usually enough to catch the attention of the average geek, if for nothing more than just to see what he’s been up to since playing the sort-of bad guy in Fringe. The same goes for Zachary Quinto, now that he has taken on the mantle of new Spock. Seeing them together in anything, even a commercial, would stop most Star Trek geeks in their tracks. There’s really only a couple of ways to make something like that better, but Audi’s ad team managed to toss in a few Internet related gems and a peak at a self driving car to really drive this home as one of the best commercials of 2013.Instead of an actual Spock vs. Spock, what we see is Leonard and Zachary playing a game of 3D chess via iPads. A car ride to the golf course afterwards is filled with Nimoy singing the Internet famous Ballad of Bilbo Baggins, ending in some hilarious overacting and a Vulcan nerve pinch to determine the winner of their latest contest. After the Audi logo flashes by there’s a look at the modified Audi TTS as it drives off to park itself after dropping off its driver, leaving you with one last Star Trek quote to further your excitement for the upcoming film.A tip of the hat to the team at Audi for giving the majority of geekdom something to appreciate simultaneously. The cars weren’t bad, either.last_img