Pokémon X and Y How to get Torchic the first special event

first_imgPokémon X and Y released to the world this past weekend, and Game Freak has already bestowed an event Pokémon — Torchic — upon the gaming masses. Rather than pop into your local game store (like so many Pokémon giveaways of years past), Torchic can be obtained from the comfort of your own room. This time, you don’t have to take a break from your quest to catch ’em all so you can put on pants and venture out into a public setting to get your prize. However, collecting your Torchic is still not as simple as it sounds.The distribution event runs from October 12, 2013 to January 15, 2014. The only thing you’ll need to obtain the Pokémon is an internet connection. Perhaps the most confusing part of collecting your free Torchic is that you can’t do it from within the game proper, and have to exit to the main menu. From there, it’s still not quite smooth sailing.From the main menu, select Mystery Gift. Then, select Receive Gift, followed by Get Via Internet. At this point, a Torchic will make your handheld device temporarily adorable.That “received” is a bit misleading, though, as you still don’t have a Torchic in your possession, but there’s only one more hoop through which to jump.Now, load your game, and go to any Pokémon Center. Talk to the delivery girl waiting next to the resting station, and she’ll give you the Torchic.Torchic comes with two abilities, Blaze and Speed Boost. Blaze increases Torchic’s Fire power when the critter is below one-third of its hit points, while Speed Boost automatically increases the creature’s speed by one step each turn the Pokémon is in battle (excluding the turn it is switched into the fight).What’s special about this event Torchic, though, is that it comes equipped with a Blazikenite. This item allows a final Mega Evolution — a mechanic new to the series — to Mega Blaziken. The Blazikenite cannot be obtained through normal gameplay, so this event is the easiest way to get ahold of the item.It’s also worth noting that, if you’re planning on getting the event Torchic, that it’s a Fire type. So, you may not want to choose Fennekin as your starter, as that’s also a Fire type.last_img