Luis Suarez doesnt close Barcelonas doors to Neymar

first_imgDuring an interview with Diario Sport, Luis Suarez opened up about his desire of Neymar possibly going back to FC Barcelona in the near future.Uruguay striker Luis Suarez was one of the most devastated players after Neymar’s exit from Barcelona, the Brazilian forward developed a very close relationship with both him and Leo Messi.During their time together at the Catalan club, the world got to know them as one of the best attacking-trios in football history and nobody wanted that society to end.When the news about Neymar’s decision to leave the club broke, both Messi and Suarez were stunned because they really didn’t expect it and they both have confessed that they miss their friend.Luis Suarez recently revealed more details about the time they spent time together at the Catalan club, he talked about the joy that Neymar brought to all his teammates inside the dressing room and also about how hard they took the player’s absence once he left.The striker was always one of the main people for Neymar, who addressed him as “Fatty” as a term of endearment and was always joking around him or Leo Messi.Now that the Brazilian seems to struggle at PSG, the constant noise about his return to Barcelona doesn’t stop and Neymar becomes part of a headline whenever he visits Barcelona.#PortadaSPORT 📰 | “Lo queremos todo”— Diario SPORT (@sport) February 1, 2019“Neymar was obviously a player who transmitted a lot of joy inside the dressing room,” said Luis during the interview.“He was one of those teammates who was always smiling and happy around everybody, as Brazilians do in general.”“We all obviously miss that from him, but when the time came we made the decision to change the chip and understood that he wasn’t going to be with us anymore and we needed to change that emptiness that he left when he moved to PSG.”“I always say that you never know what can happen in football. I know for a fact that he is having a lot of fun in Paris right now, his objectives are clear there.”“But obviously as a teammate, friend, and a football fan, I would always want to have the best players in the world by my side.”Gerard Pique, Neymar, BarcelonaLa Liga Betting: Match-day 4 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Despite it being very early into La Liga season, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have had unprecedented starts to their campaigns. With this in…“But Neymar coming back to Barcelona is nothing more than a hypothesis at the moment, you never know what can happen.”“It would obviously excite me having him back with us because he is an incredible player who can always make a difference.”“But we also have to be aware that the decision he made was very complicated, and making the decision to come back would be just as difficult,” he concluded.After hearing what Luis Suarez had to say about his friend Neymar’s possible return, it’s clear that the Barcelona dressing room is divided on this issue because we have the ones who would like him back at the club like him.But we also have the other part of the club, the players and fans who are still very hurt by the Brazilian choosing to leave the institution and leave them out to dry.You can see these angrier individuals just by hearing what Jordi Alba had to say about Neymar’s possible return, the Catalan player chose to not believe the information and decided to reject the possibility.In his statement, the Barcelona left-back sounded hurt by the idea of Neymar coming back because he clearly thinks that the whole chapter is past the club.But the information about the player’s possible return cannot all be a coincidence from various sources, clearly someone from Neymar’s side is pushing this narrative and they want him to have the option for the future in case he decided to return.One can understand both sides of the coin, Suarez longing for his friend to come back and Alba simply not interested anymore.#EntrevistaSPORT 🔵🔴 | Luis Suárez: “¿Neymar? Es complicada la decisión que tendría que tomar”📰 @didacpeyret 🎥 @RMoreno_94— Diario SPORT (@sport) February 1, 2019Would you like Neymar to return to Barcelona or remain at PSG? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img