Nintendo confirms bigger Circle Pad Pro for 3DS XL

first_imgWhen Nintendo announced the bigger 3DS XL last week, it had a chance to rectify what seemed to be an oversight with the original hardware: there was no second thumbstick.You could argue Nintendo didn’t think the handheld needed one for a while, but then the Circle Pad Pro peripheral was introduced for the 3DS, which added a second thumbstick next to the main buttons on the right. It may have a 480 hour battery life, but it doesn’t exactly look great when attached.So if games are being made that utilize two thumsticks, and you’re introducing a new iteration of your hardware, wouldn’t you integrate the second stick as a standard feature? Nintendo decided not to, but has now stated a new version of the Circle Pad Pro will be released for use with the 3DS XL.Nintendo confirmed what is likely to be called the Circle Pad Pro XL in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. I’m guessing it’s also going to mean spending another $20 to acquire one when it launches later this year. Having it bundled with a game is out of the question as there’s now two versions of the peripheral.What remains to be seen is whether it has a negative impact on holding the 3DS XL, which is already much bigger than the original 3DS. It’s also going to make remaining portable with the handheld that much more difficult as cases won’t support it.Maybe Nyko will come to the rescue with an updated Power Grip Pro that offers up screen protection and additional battery life, too.via Kotakulast_img