Sony Bricked PS3s have to wait until the 27th for fix

first_imgIf you were negatively affected by the last PS3 update, the good news is there’s a fix on the way. The bad news is you’re going to be waiting a little while.What started out as a minor update for the PS3 has ended in a number of users left without a console for a little while. The 4.45 version update affected a number of PS3 units such that they system would fail to boot fully. There have been a few recovery methods located — such as booting into safe mode on the console and either formatting your hard drive or attempting to restore the file system — though neither hasn’t been officially confirmed to work. Some gamers have even swapped the drive out entirely to get the console up and running. Either way, if you take these measures you’re probably out some precious game saves and you’ll need to reinstall everything.If you’re patient, it looks like Sony will have a fix. All you have to do is wait until the 27th.Sony’s Twitter account announced recently that they had finally discovered what turned this minor update into bad times for some of their customers, and they are now working on a fix.This fix is expected to be issued on June 27th, but there’s no explanation as to how this update will be issued. Presumably, users will need to boot into safe mode and either apply the update manually. Since the PS3 forces users to only install firmware that is newer than the current version the have, if you have a console that was affected by this update you can either wipe your system and destroy your game data or wait for this update and hope your game saves are still around when it happens.last_img