China comes calling

Tourism in China has greatly expanded in the last few decades since the beginning of reforms. It has a large number of wonderful tourist destinations.With all this in mind, the China Happy and Healthy Tour was kicked off, serving as a platform for other countries to get an insight into China. The event, hosted by China National Tourism Administration and Chinese Embassy at the DLF Promenade on 22 September, showcased the colourful culture and rich tourism resources in different parts of China.The convention also served as a golden opportunity for tourism communities of two countries — ­India and China — to interact with each other and explore the respective tourism markets in order to expand and enhance business.‘China and India, as two close neighbours, enjoy long- standing good relationship in the history characterised by friendly exchanges.  China owes its Buddhism culture to India and India draws inspirations from Chinese products like tea, porcelain and silk. The exchanges have deeply enriched our respective cultures and become an unfailing driving force for evolution of two great civilisations,’ said HE Zhang Yan, Chinese Ambassador to India.In recent years, in the domain of tourism, bilateral co-operation between the two countries has been expanding rapidly. ‘Today over 40 flights shuttle between China and India every week. The Chinese first stop visits to India has reached 1.3 lakh, increasing by more than 20 per cent over 2010,’ he added.