House Tour An Eclectic Dorchester Condo

404 By Madeline Bilis· 6/27/2017, 11:05 a.m. Print Welcome to House Tours, where we peek inside creatively designed dwellings around town.Want to invite us into your home? Tell us about your place here.Photo by Madison WetterThe SnapshotName: Madison Wetter, Sky, and their pup, WarrenNeighborhood: DorchesterType of home: CondoBedrooms: 3Bathrooms: 3Size: 2,100 square feet• • •When interior design blogger Madison Wetter bought his condo in North Dorchester last fall, it was a blank slate in need of adorning. A mere eight months later, the place has transformed into a vibrant urban abode. Wetter’s home fuses two distinct styles: the colorful Southwestern patterns of his native Arizona and the historic charm of New England.Along with his husband, Sky, and Italian greyhound, Warren, Wetter lives life surrounded by striking design choices. He keeps a “design inspiration journal” in the form of a blog, Space and Habit, where he chronicles his style influences while embracing bold and daring looks. “A faux paus is nothing more than a trend at its earliest stages,” Wetter writes.Ahead, hear from Wetter about his eclectic design tastes.Photo by Madison WetterDescribe your style in three words.Colorful, eclectic, boisterous.What’s your favorite part of your home?The living room. It’s one long rectangle that’s roughly 20 feet by 50 feet. While decorating a space of that size and shape is challenging, it makes for a really open feel. That’s a hard thing to find in Boston. Aside from its sheer size, another wonderful aspect is that every room in the house juts off of the living room. We decided to paint each room in a different and bright color. While standing in the living room, it’s like the doors to each room are a frame and the color and style of each abutting room is the art.Least favorite?I think one thing we both miss is having a bath tub. We have amazing showers with dual heads in all three of our bathrooms, but no bath tub.Photo by Madison WetterWhere do you find your design inspiration?It comes from a number of different places. A lot of the space has a sort of Southwestern flair to it, which comes from being raised in Arizona. That being said, I love a good Pinterest board, perusing posts on Apartment Therapy, and flipping through West Elm and Crate and Barrel catalogs. I also have a blog that I keep updated that is sort of my “design inspiration journal” if you will.Our design inspiration is sort of a mishmash of Southwestern, design catalogs and inspiration from our travels. I am also obsessed with llamas and alpacas. So, our entire guest bedroom is dedicated to llama and alpaca finds. It’s a little silly but we get a kick out of them.Photo by Madison WetterName your top three favorite places to shop.We have a lot of favorites. If I had to pick three that I couldn’t live without, they would probably be World Market, Homegoods, and the town dump in my hometown of Cave Creek, Arizona—it’s an amazing little place with tons of Southwestern and Mexican decor. That’s where we find a lot of our little accents that make the space feel unique and like us.A sentence of advice, please.Don’t hold back when it comes to your home decor—it’s important that your home embodies your personality and that it’s something you’re excited to come home to everyday.Photo by Madison WetterPhoto by Madison WetterPhoto by Madison WetterPhoto by Madison WetterPhoto by Madison WetterPhoto by Madison Wetter Sign up for our weekly home and property newsletter, featuring homes for sale, neighborhood happenings, and more. Sign up for Home & Property newsletters. Design, real estate, and pretty things for living.* Home Design House Tour: An Eclectic Dorchester Condo This airy, vibrant abode exhibits a dose of Southwestern flair.