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During an interview, Colo. as the deputy coroner as well as transporting prisonersHe said his old duty weapon a Smith and Wesson 357 magnum revolver which he had hung in a holster by his bedside was seized by the police although it never subsequently showed up on their inventory lists Authorities have also seized $30000 in civil forfeiture alleging it was the proceeds of illegal gambling he said Hunter’s defense attorney Ed Shaw said McCartan was a noncredible witness an "angry abusive potentially violent guy""I can see why his wife left him" Shaw said "The only question is why didn’t it happen sooner At some point Tom McCartan has to take responsibility for that instead of blaming everyone else for why his marriage went south"The attorney for Candice McCartan Tom’s former wife denied access to her for a media interview However she was interviewed by Crosby Police March 10 the same day Hunter was arrested She also dropped out of high school reaching the ninth grade When her interviewer Lt Kevin Randolph of the Crosby Police Department asked her if she had an affair with Hunter she said no The two had only kissed once she said"He was having some issues in his personal life and I was having issues and it happened" she said "And after it happened we both agreed that . can’t go any further than that"The whole story of Tom Candice and Jim involves dozens of guns marijuana several alleged felonies a love triangle politics and small-town America Rising tensionsTom McCartan initially met Hunter when Candice began working for Hunter at Buy Sell Trade in Crosby two years prior he said Candice was supposed to be fired last summer because Hunter’s wife Jan found out she was buying or selling marijuana in the store McCartan saidHunter partially corroborated this by saying Candice had facilitated the sale of marijuana from TomHunter gave her a choice: buy the business or get fired for the marijuana incident"I talked to (Candice) and I said ‘(Candice) I can’t have that Can’t have that at the business So . I’m either going to have to let you go or I’ll give you the opportunity to buy the business" he said "Because it was just me I wasn’t going to run the business I was just either going to close it or sell itHe later added there was nothing coercive about the way he presented the options to CandiceThen Tom McCartan recalled Hunter appeared in McCartan’s backyard with a proposition: The McCartans could buy the business outright from Hunter"I was kind of hesitant" McCartan said "But he made it sound like it was such a profitable business . they said we could get out of debt it would be good money for the kids"Candice told police she felt buying the business would improve her relationship with TomThe McCartans closed on the deal June 30 2016 McCartan said But he didn’t have enough money to cover a down payment on Hunter’s price — $90000 So he agreed to let Hunter put a lien on his and Candice’s house on Oak Street in CrosbyThe signing of the sales agreement was a rushed affair McCartan remembered"’Sign here sign here sign here’ — nobody explained anything" he saidCandice McCartan also recalled being in the dark about the deal before she signed She assumed that if a lawyer had drawn up the papers it would be legal she said But despite allowing a lien of $90000 she estimated to police that she made only $900 a month through the store That’s the equivalent of 1 cent of every dollar she and Tom put on the lien Hunter’s 2015 tax returns for Buy Sell Trade indicate a nearly $5000 net loss for the businessWhen police asked her if she thought it was a scam she told them "yeah"She told police the store was in dire financial straits even before the sale and Hunter had told her to hide how poorly it was doing when she talked to peopleHunter had a different recollection of the business deal He said he had a lawyer named Chuck Barnum draw up the papers for the sale Candice told police that Ed Shaw also looked over the papers before the saleBarnum hand-delivered the sales agreement to Candice McCartan the day before the couple signed Hunter saidHunter said he made it clear McCartan and his wife were buying the Buy Sell Trade business entity and the inventory not the building"It’s very clear in the contract" Hunter said "And it was very clear when I told him"Since Candice began operating the business he said cash flow had been between $9000 to $13000 monthlyCandice McCartan was also charged with theft by swindleCase—and marriage—busted wide openCandice McCartan’s wife of more than 27 years broke the news she was leaving him He called in to work and said he was taking the day off so he could get a divorce lawyer and recoup He spent Monday and Tuesday that week working at Buy Sell Trade — and that’s when he noticed something fishy"Why does the checkbook only say ‘Candice McCartan’ Why do all the permits only say ‘Candice McCartan”" he remembered asking himself "There was nothing joint about this except us signing away the house"The day after that Candice moved out of the house after saying she was going to move in with Hunter the complaint saidHunter categorically denied Candice ever lived with him"She never spent one night at my house ever" he saidThe affair existed solely in McCartan’s mind Shaw saidA letter from Shaw to Tom McCartan’s lawyer that August said Hunter’s wife had left him following the allegation of an affairSometime after his wife moved out McCartan asked his divorce lawyer to take a look at the agreement As it turned out he hadn’t bought the Buy Sell Trade building at all — he bought the store’s ATM machine and some computers according to the criminal complaint against HunterIn the days after McCartan found out he was sick He lost 15 pounds he said"I looked like a cancer patient" he said "I was mortified"But the police didn’t get involved until he came home one day to find the house on Oak Street had been broken into McCartan had changed the locks so Candice couldn’t get in However she and "a couple of cronies from the store" busted in anyway by removing an air conditioner that had been sitting on a window he saidOn July 25 McCartan and his adult children went to the store to see if they could access the surveillance system to get more evidence of the alleged affair between Candice and Hunter McCartan said he got a text from Candice the following day saying the locks had been changed on the store and warning him not to come back threatening a restraining order if he didSo that same day McCartan spoke with Lt Kevin Randolph of the Crosby Police Department to report the alleged burglary He wound up telling the police everything — the affair the deal for the store the whole shebang’It’s kind of outlandish and crazy’In the aftermath of the Buy Sell Trade deal and the dissolution of the McCartan marriage a feud began between Hunter and the male McCartans which included Tom McCartan’s son Nick The felony assault charge against Hunter stems from a September 2016 incident in which Hunter and Candice were sitting in Hunter’s truck Nick McCartan and another man confronted them and Hunter allegedly brandished a handgun to get them to leaveOn March 10 the Crosby police moved in on Hunter raiding his business and arresting him for swindle and assault They found over 50 guns and more than $40000 in cash lying in various places of Hunter’s house truck and the business according to police reportsMcCartan said he doesn’t mind the possibility of staying in Crosby even though Hunter is the mayor"Jim Hunter’s gonna be in prison" he said "I’m not too worried"Hunter didn’t think so"I believe in the system and I think Ed (Shaw) will represent me to the best of his ability" he saidIt’s common knowledge the current library past the Kmart on South Washington Street is in poor health The building isn’t fully ADA compliant parking is inadequate and there’s not a lot of recreational and meeting space Beyond that Library Director Wendy Wendt pointed out the building is just plain old — built in the 1970s there’s still a large patch of yellow carpet from the building’s grand opening that disintegrates when vacuumed and because electrical outlets are sparse computers occupy seemingly random spots across the main floor“People just probably think we’re bad decorators” Wendt said The library continues spending its budget on its most overdue repairs including $30000 for two accessible family restrooms $22660 on more secure storage in the children’s area and $210000 on new carpet Wendt said that last cost is so high because the library also needs to hire a group to relocate bookshelvesCouncilmember Sandi Marshall who was at the committee meeting reiterated building improvements while necessary and expensive are just bandaids until the city determines what a modern library needs and how to build thatAnother short-term amenity the board mentioned was offering library services from a community room in the Grand Forks Herald building “That would provide a great space” Marshall said in an interview before the meeting “And we think that in part could fill a need for the growing number of people who are going to be living downtown with all the construction underway or being proposed”However City Administrator Todd Feland pointed out there’s no guarantees the city will take the space The library also hired a consulting firm to help rebrand and increase public interest and community engagement“A lot of people think the library is just a building of old books” library board chair Justin Berry said “If we can start getting the community to understand more about the library that helps” Berry added the consulting firm is not involved with the relocation effort Wendt told the board she hopes to release all the information the library has obtained by the end of the year including a new website The city has yet to spend any money on finding a new library building since the library board recommended the council make the issue a high priority in summer 2016 Marshall said “What we’re kind of going around in circles on is this cart before the horse” she said “Do you start fundraising before you have the picture of what the library will look like”The committee ultimately moved to recommend the board submit a Request for Quotation after its next meeting which will allow the committee to start fundraising for a future library building project The board has not yet determined the date of the next meeting Update: A previous version of this story said the Library Board met Tuesday It was actually a library action committee that met? but I guess it doesnt have the same noirish appeal. 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