Istria wants to become a top destination for IT professionals, not just tourists. Certainly a great upgrade to tourism

first_img“In particular, our shortcoming is the lack of professional staff. Joint action is needed to influence the creation of staff that will remain there. And not only that – we want to bring young ICT professionals to Istria“, ističe Verbanac. Istria has long been known as a top tourist destination, and companies from the ICT sector operating through the ICT Istria Expert Group and the Croatian Chamber of Commerce in Pula decided to further brand the quality of life of their region to attract top professionals and companies.  The branding strategy defines five values ​​of Istria as a brand. These are courage, excellence, local value, openness and ease of living. The problematic points are, in addition to the already mentioned lack of manpower, finding accommodation for professionals and bureaucracy. That is why a Branding Strategy has been developed that promotes Istria as an ideal place to live, work and study. The goal is to create a stimulating business environment in which the competencies of the sector will create significant benefits not only for ICT companies but also for the economy of the entire county.  The corona crisis has shown the strength of the ICT sector, and now is the right time for the region to impose itself as an attractive destination for digital nomads. This requires the help of the state, ie the regulation of such a form of work that will enable experts to work for any global company, and enjoy all the benefits of life in the local area.  Photo: mirkobozzato, The fact that innovative ICT companies such as Infobip, Inter Soft Technologies, Infosit already operate successfully in Istria, achieve global success and represent a great development perspective certainly helps to attract experts. They are focused on new technologies, and often their clients are the world’s leading companies in their segments. So, good foundations are there, and now we need to work on them and send a clear message to professionals around the world – that Istria is a desirable region for them and their companies.  Or turn Istria as an ideal destination for digital nomads, and still rely on tourism, ie the quality of life in Istria. A great new direction, added value and an upgrade to tourism, not to mention that it is not good to put all the eggs in one basket, which we felt very well on our skin this year. We are currently working on the visual identity of the ICT Istra association, which will communicate the balance between business and private life, and on the other hand show the diversity of advanced solutions that emerge in a non-burdensome and positive environment. This is precisely the comparative advantage that is important to emphasize nowadays in order to attract domestic and foreign IT talents. “The strategy will enable us to have better visibility and recognizability of our activities aimed at local self-government units, the academic community and the general public, all with the aim of popularizing ICT in Istria. This sector can be a generator of strategic economic growth in the region, but it needs the support of the local community, not in business because they are top experts in their field, but in removing bureaucratic obstacles and the orderliness of society itself.”, He points out Dean Verbanac President of the Professional Group of IT Istria, adding that through the development of the strategy they established the key advantages that Istria can offer as an ICT destination, but also what the problems are. last_img