Cabrera: “We are better when we don’t respect the rival”

first_imgThe white captain does not play. Are you the Blue Ramos on the stopped ball?Comparing with Ramos has no place in almost any facet. He has many goals. I nod down. Ramos is very important and will be marked in the history of Real Madrid. The team may notice their absence because it is their reference in the last decade.Are you still pending in the locker room of the Uruguay lists? Being Arambarri, Damián, Olivera and you …Before we talked more. We have been years and we think that one day they will call somebody, but it is not up to us. What is in our hands is to compete to play in Getafe and it is not better or worse to be in the selection.The one that does go with Uruguay is Fede Valverde. What do you think of its emergence?I had not agreed with him. He made an important leap with the coach’s confidence after years of playing little. He is young and had maturity and patience. When his time came he showed that he is fully prepared. Has Getafe given you the stability you expected when you left Uruguay?I came to Atlético de Madrid ten years ago and was an unconscious. I debuted at 17 and everything came to me very quickly. I didn’t take it with professionalism now. Every step I took helped me get where I am and I hope this is not my roof.At what point are you in your professional career?Last year I consolidated myself as a starter in a team that qualified for the Europa League. This year the coach continues to trust me. I want to finish well this season and improve every year. He also went through the Real Madrid quarry. What’s different about it?Real Madrid is a giant institution. I spent a year in Castilla and understood that they try to educate players with the philosophy of always winning. I still have a great relationship with the people around us. I keep the memory of the staff that is still there even if generations pass.Does the funnel narrow too much at that point?Of that Castilla only Lucas Vázquez reached the first team. You have to be very good and with him I have a great relationship. The others arrived at Primera, but Real Madrid are major words … They are players who have won everything. Last year they were transitioning after Cristiano left, but this course is spectacular. They forgot about Cristiano and now they all add up, they stepped forward as a team and that is why it will be a very complicated game.Do you already have the trick to get to this Madrid?When a child ends up winning one of the greats, it is because he left without complexes and daring. We are a good team when we don’t respect the rival. We’re better. Of course we respect, but you have to go out without shame and compete. You have to do what you know and multiply it by a thousand, because they are great. Let’s talk about this Real Madrid. How do you see it?last_img