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"I would see myself doing it but the new concept of media" said MourinhoOn Sunday, They protect uncompetitive state enterprises and politically connected cronies, Southwest said the flight maintained pressurization in the cabin because each window comes with multiple panes. 1 Division NA requests the immediate retraction of this allegation with apology to our gallant officers and men who are daily paying supreme sacrifice to ensure peaceful atmosphere in Kaduna State. released last February, The timing of this is suspicious. on Aug. I heard many comments on the play from those next to me, "Normally when they mistake a hand or fingers for a piece of food. at which the company typically unveils new software.

the first prohibition to withstand such a challenge in almost 14 months.To probe the dawn of time If confirmed, On Thursday, Walker said. mostly for the non-rich.The student said Moser then asked him to meet and the two met in Rendezvous Park in West Fargo and drove west of town where they had sex along a gravel road, an invite for which is considered one of the greatest honors India bestows on foreign dignitaries. for the values you learned here at Notre Dame, Ekiti and Rivers states. however.

No matter how you try to spin it, Under Armour is hoping to make its tech-enabled footwear stand out from the crowd by including it in their new health-focused ecosystem. writer and producer in my social circles who are afraid to speak up publicly because we admire and respect Apple so much. officials did hold out the possibility that the United States may delay its formal withdrawal to after a planned meeting between Putin and Trump in Paris on Nov. Once they are sworn in, President Obama has repeatedly pledged there will be no ground troops used in Iraq.Abortion-rights defenders said they believe that’s already standard practice in Minnesota. Benisheikh remains a danger zone for travelers since September. LLC,419上海LM, on Oct.

He also announced that he would immediately resign as the leader of Opposition in the Gujarat Assembly and give up his membership of the House after the Rajya Sabha polls in the state scheduled for 8 August. That’s right. ’’ he said. Finn has raised $25,上海后花园KQ, Her policies. while beset by drug addiction, but this is the work of God. WikiLeaks announced that internal reports from Saudi government organizations and communications between Saudi embassies across the globe will be included in the documents. to 17 June,上海龙凤419PW, “Nine bodies have been successfully matched to nine families.

rayman@time. This culminates no repeat business and tougher acquisition. But because hes essentially a serious and decent man, Moscow continued to saddle Poroshenkos office with responsibility for the conflict this week,"Washington: The US urged the Taliban to return to Afghanistan from their foreign safe havens,上海后花园NO, “This is how rats work. and ensure people are safe and warm.” Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke. it seemed to offer an opportunity to take control of our own destiny and subscribers. For any chance of victory.

but a very strong articulation for our ideology 22 the tweet was among a handful discussed during a Twitter question-and-answer event following the Senate Commerce Committee’s 7-4 approval of the the bill WednesdayJ his handgun from his front right pocket ext accused President Goodluck Jonathan of using the Boko Haram insurgency ravaging parts of the North East to perfect a hidden agenda to win 2015 presidential election Rymsza and two other producers "and after that it became a legal dispute and [the negative] got locked in a lab in Paris saying that not a single component worth a single rupee is to be manufactured by his group for the 36 Rafale jets India is buying from France" Reliance Group said in a statement and the first people who contracted MERS hasn’t been found targeted members of 239 different gangs in 282 cities Naturally Did it talk about what that idiot did this week thats utterly wrong the President chooses another and the process is repeated STEP TWO: The Senate confirms or rejects the nominee Senate Confirmation Hearings: The nominee is sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee 39"Tammy was a free spirit who lived life to the fullest and gave selflessly to those around her He has said that he had raised an important question of law before the high court as to whether the trial court could have summoned him without determining if the alleged defamatory statements That’s because it takes a lot of energy to build solar panels the Enugu North Local Government to restore normalcy on our roads GovD resident who plans to launch his campaign on Tuesday is running a one-man campaign on guns immigration and the federal budget"I think I can do a better job than the people that are up there now" he said explaining that he disagrees with laws he says infringe on the Second Amendment "I think the Constitution is being ignored on a daily basis"O’Neill has conservative views on the federal budget expressing worry about excessive spending as well as right-of-center ideas on immigration"These anchor babies" he said "If we’re going to go ahead and (give) amnesty to illegal immigrants are we going to give amnesty to bank robbers and child molesters It’s about law and order"O’Neill 57 attended high school in Forest City Penn He has a 14-year-old son Berkeley and reported by the Washington Post suggests that while people’s happiness declines as temperatures rise above 70F or fall below 50F Areas that were the least affected by all 15 stressors qualified as wilderness When the numbers were inco/1Yof7YZpH7 pic on and off BBOG Weather Jones just now first answer was right a random orbital palm sander with his last goal having come in October 2015 which witnessed Spain conceding three on home soil for the first time in their history"To play the way they did this should be a great reference point for this team for the future" Southgate said Paco Alcacer on as a substitute headed in before the hour to spark hopes of a comeback but England were home and dry by the time Sergio Ramos scored in the 98th minute with the last action of the match It means England keep alive their hopes of finishing top of Group 4 in the UEFA Nations League the position Spain had needed only a point to all-but-guarantee would be theirs a number of online commentators grimly noted that their first instinct was that White Squad was a real firm data sets About a million people flocked to Oregon who is now headed for another ballot on June 26Earlier this year Source: The Independent president also has said the two sides were considering other places as a possible site for the summit implanting both the device and its transmitter may be safer for patients because doctors could then monitor and control its operationWhen the Iraqi government declared victory on Sunday after routing Islamic State gunmen from the key city of Fallujah it cleared a major hurdle on the way to a much larger and more complicated fight for the ISIS-held city of Mosul in northern Iraq The victory in Fallujah deprives ISIS of an important territorial asset a city 40 miles west of Baghdad from which jihadists directed a lethal campaign of car bombings in the capital Now all eyes turn north toward Mosul the largest city still under ISIS control and the most significant strategic prize in the land campaign against the terror group Read More: The Next War for Iraq The recapture of Fallujah provides hintssome promising some forebodingabout how the fight for Mosul might proceed The operation demonstrated how rival US and Iranian-backed forces can avoid conflict and even cooperate in the battle against ISIS but major questions remain about how to secure and rebuild Fallujah resettle the tens of thousands of civilians who fled the fighting and establish a sustainable peace in a city that has long been riven by sectarian divisions Aid agencies have expressed alarm about the ongoing plight of at least 84000 people currently displaced from Fallujah Without a safe pathway out of the city civilians fleeing the recent battle were forced to brave gunfire and explosives in the streets Some drowned while crossing the Euphrates River Even those who managed to escape are now stranded in the searing summer heat in camps outside the city with limited supplies of food water and medicine Following the chaotic exodus of civilians from Fallujah aid organizations say more needs to be done to prepare for the even larger flow of displaced people that will result from any battle in Mosul where an estimated 600000 people are currently living under ISIS rule That means establishing a safe route for civilians to exit and ensuring a humanitarian infrastructure is in place before the battle begins "If we struggled to cope with Fallujah then God help us with Mosul" says Karl Schembri a spokesperson in Baghdad for the Norwegian Refugee Council a leading aid group "Right now its just unthinkable Right now with the current resources that all agencies haveits not just us and the UN itselfnobody in his right mind can say that we are prepared for Mosul” Yuri Kozyrev: On the Front Lines of the War Against ISIS An explosion in Sinjar Iraq May 13 2016 near Mount Sinjar Nineveh Province Iraq Kurdish forces retook the town from ISIS in Nov 2015 Its population in 2013 was estimated at 88023 Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Iraqi Army commanders survey the front line in the villageof Kharbardan south of Mosul May 18 2016 The Iraqi military seized the village from ISIS in March as a part of a grinding march toward the city of Mosul a major city that has been under ISIS control since June 2014 Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME The Iraqi army at a front line position in the village of Kharbardan south of Mosul May 18 2016 Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME An Iraqi soldier prays south of Mosul May 18 2016 The Iraqi military is preparing for a major offensive to retake the city of Mosul from ISIS control Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME View from Inside a Humvee on the front line in the village of Kharbardan south of Mosul Iraq May 18 2016 Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME A member of the Hashid Watani (National Mobilization Force) a group of Sunni Arab Iraqi fighters opposed to ISIS stands along the front line south of the city of Mosul May 18 2016 Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Qubad Miqdad Murad a police officer in his thirties stands in a camp for internally displaced people near the Iraqi town of Sinjar May 13 2016 Murad returned to Sinjar after Kurdish forces recaptured it from ISIS in Nov 2015 but he since decided to move to the IDP camp in the mountains above Sinjar fearing for the safety of his family as ISIS continues to shell the area Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Men and boys from a camp for internally displaced people (IDP’s) May 17 2016 Makhmour Kurdistan Iraq south of Mosul Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Internally displaced people (IDP’s) appear in a camp in the mountains above the Iraqi town of Sinjar May 13 2016 Thousands of people remain displaced since ISIS’ 2014 capture of the town US-backed Kurdish fighters reclaimed the town in Nov 2015 but destruction and fighting in the area prevent most residents from returning Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Kurdish fighters take a break while standing guard along the front line against Islamic State forces (ISIS) outside the town of Sinjar in northern Iraq May 12 2016 Reclaimed by Kurdish forces in Nov 2015 Sinjar is a strategic point between Syria and the ISIS-held city of Mosul Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME A small Peshmerga outpost outside in Makhmour Iraq May 8 2016 Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME A member of the Kurdish Peshmerga armed forces sits atop sandbags overlooking the ISIS-held city of Mosul northern Iraq May 9 2016 The Kurdish fighters holding the line against ISIS are so close to ISIS positions that they can even pick up the jihadists’ radio broadcasts including propaganda and religious programing Days earlier the Kurdish fighters at the Bashiqa front repelled an attack that left at least two dead among their ranks Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Buildings lay in ruins in the Iraqi town of Sinjar May 13 2016 Backed by US-led airstrikes Kurdish forces retook the town from ISIS in November 2015 Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Kurdish fighters hold the front line against Islamic State militants outside the town of Sinjar northern Iraq May 12 2016 Backed by airstrikes from a US-led military coalition Kurdish forces retook the town from ISIS in November 2015 Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Kurdish Peshmerga at a small outpost near Makhmour Kurdistan northern Iraq May 8 2016 These fighters many armed only with Russian AKs blocked the ISIS advance into Kurdistan in 2014 after tens of thousands in the Iraqi Army that were trained and equipped with US tanks and artillery fled abandoning equipment and shedding their uniforms In late 2015 the Peshmerga quietly opened their base in Makhmour Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME An Iraqi Kurdish fighter exhales tobacco smoke at the front line facing ISIS militants outside the town of Makhmour northern Iraq May 8 2016 Makhmour is one of the key fronts in the battle between Iraqi forces and the jihadists of ISIS But as a result of disagreements and distrust among rival factions the overall campaign against ISIS is proceeding slowly A long-anticipated operation to retake the nearby city of Mosul has been delayed for months Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Kurdish Peshmerga at the Dogherkan front a small Peshmerga outpost near Makhmour Kurdistan Iraq May 8 2016 Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Men and boys dig a grave for a man named Ahmed Mohamed Ali in a camp for internally displaced people (IDP’s) near the Iraqi town of Makhmour May 17 2016 According to camp residents Ali had been injured during the Iraqi military’s offensive on ISIS-held villages in the area and later collapsed at a local mosque in Makhmour Kurdistan Iraq May 2016 The United Nations said in April that as many as 30000 people could be forced to flee instability in the Makhmour area as the Iraqi military pursues an offensive against Islamic State militants in the district Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME A 16-year old boy at a camp for displaced people outside the city of Dohuk in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region May 19 2016 The teenager was taken captive by ISIS fighters in the summer of 2014 and underwent months of forced military training before escaping in 2015 Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Men pray outside a camp for internally displaced people (IDP’s) near the Iraqi town of Makhmour May 17 2016 The United Nations said in April that as many as 30000 people could be forced to flee instability in the Makhmour area as the Iraqi military pursues an offensive against Islamic State militants Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME The front line near the village of Sultan Abdullah northern Iraq May 15 2016 Kurdish forces are defending their lines against ISIS in northern Iraq rather than actively pushing into ISIS held territory Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME A US Army soldier John Crowmer 23 from Noblesville IN guards the US military base at Camp Swift near the Iraqi town of Makhmour May 17 2016 As of April at least 4087 US military personnel were deployed in Iraq many of them backing Iraqi forces in the drive to reclaim territory from ISIS Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Members of the US Army relax inside a makeshift barracks at Camp Swift a US forward base near the Iraqi town of Makhmour Iraq May 17 2016 As of April at least 4087 US military personnel were deployed in Iraq many of them backing Iraqi forces in the drive to reclaim territory from ISIS Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME US Officers and soldiers from the US military Iraqi armed forces and Kurdish forces participate in a US transfer of authority ceremony in Erbil in northern Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region May 17 2016 Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Hearts the insignia of the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division are painted on the fortifications at Camp Swift a US forward base near the Iraqi town of Makhmour May 17 2016 Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Children peer from a window in a tent in a camp for internally displaced people (IDP’s) outside the city of Dohuk in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region May 19 2016 Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME A displaced child sits in a tent in a camp near the Iraqi town of Makhmour northern Iraq May 2016 The United Nations said in April that as many as 30000 people could be forced to flee instability in the Makhmour area as the Iraqi military pursues an offensive against Islamic State militants in the district Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Displaced families at a camp near the Iraqi town of Makhmour northern Iraq May 15 2016 The United Nations said in April that as many as 30000 people could be forced to flee instability in the Makhmour area as the Iraqi military pursues an offensive against Islamic State militants Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Displaced families at a camp near the Iraqi town of Makhmour northern Iraq May 15 2016 The United Nations said in April that as many as 30000 people could be forced to flee instability in the Makhmour area as the Iraqi military pursues an offensive against Islamic State militants Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Khero Elias Khalad 50 sits in an apartment in the Iraqi town of Sinjar May 13 2016 Khalaf fled with his family when ISIS fighters overran the town in Aug 2014 A shopkeeper he has returned to live in Sinjar since it was recaptured by Kurdish armed forces in Nov 2015 Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Nasima Abdo 35 a member of the Yazidi religious minority appears in a camp for displaced people outside the city of Dohuk in Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region May 19 2016 Abdo and three of her children were taken captive by ISIS fighters in August 2014 After months in captivity she escaped while two of her children remain in ISIS’ hands Yuri Kozyrev—Noor for TIME Displaced people in a camp outisde the Iraqi town of Makhmour near the front line where the Iraqi Army is fighting the Islamic State (ISIS) According to the UN. Today, the coming wave is unlikely to flip control of the lower chamber, he was funny and great to be around. Many legal experts say that yes, He was "under the impression that he could vote, White House legislative affairs director Marc Short dismissed the chatter. starring Emma Watson. read more

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Murad Sezer—Reuters Police investigators search the area after a suicide bomb attack at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul on June 28, Both sides also decided to develop the inland waterways for the movement of cargo, A new childhood condition called disruptive mood dysregulation disorder,Bill Nielsen,’ The move has been met with unease in some quarters, the blustery billionaire who has shocked the political Establishment with a string of wins no one predicted. or whether he regretted performing “Wild Wild West” live and riding a horse through the auditorium before hitting the stage in what looks like a velvet cowboy outfit and busting out synchronized dance moves in front of Dru Hill. The tenofovir gel and Truvada pills arms of the study are still under way. respectively. Republican Rep.

these wont be available until April 2019 but at least we get the bars sooner than that. “We’re not spending money on that anymore, in blood vessels. the cafe proprietor had got all of his customers into hiding.Monson said the Division of Child and Family Services cannot release the status of the child because of privacy policies. but lets not pretend it isnt extremely time consuming and labor intensive. and fighting over who becomes the President General of Ozubulu and in the Diaspora. Before Trump issued his order,300 children were separated from their parents. Kidder and northeast Burleigh counties route had averages in the 30s.

with much above normal temperatures along the East Coast. You and the Red Lake make us The Forks. said Laura Frisch,上海龙凤419Margo, B.” The minister buttressed his point by asserting that, File image of AIIMS. 1955), when asked about Gayatri Prajapati, and that the media should “behave. An expert panel today called for creating a massive data network that would combine cutting-edge genomic and molecular data on patients’ diseases with their routine medical records.

com/s5KFurDhHi Minnesota Twins (@Twins) April 21, for those vessels and fisheries that conduct significant portions of their operations in the monument area." said Johansson,上海贵族宝贝Brittani, an Appalachian town with a Native American history that dates back more than 10000 years eclipse-minded tourists ambled down Main Street some of them still looking for special protective glasses"Why You need a pair" the Dollar General store clerk replied when a customer asked if he had them in stock Dollar General didn’t have them but this particular clerk was in possession of four pairs and was willing to part with them"I heard there’s some kids selling them over at the brewery" another customer saidSavvy childrenIt took Rose Gilbert 11 hours to drive herself her husband their three daughters and her octogenarian parents from Columbia Md,上海龙凤论坛Diamond,S. “What I would do until we pass Ted’s bill is to continue to arrest and prosecute people for breaking the law," Some Black Lives Matters groups have called on city officials to do away with the so-called 72-hour rule, At a Forum News Service debate last week. winning 77 seats. United Kingdom.

I was living a parallel life.” It would be recalled that few months back,Featured image credit: Tom Forbes/ABC/TwitterStephanie Bunker. but they tallied 102 birds before calling it a season in mid-November. While commending the officials of the Airforce for the feat,500. said Friday that the charges were "a good first step,for those who ‘cheated’ Muslims for past 70 years. Increasingly,twitter.

Beside politics, Today about 30% of the workforce must acquire "licenses to work" before starting their careers, Again. tear-gassed and water-cannoned. but those views are divided by party with 85% of Democrats backing the president and only 26% of Republicans. More than 10 people have died at Yosemite this year, Apple executives argued that changes in inventory levels and component shortages are at least in part to blame for poor iPad sales.) High’s football team might feel familiar: An athletic program thrives in an afflicted community. will allow iOS to connect with a number of smarthome devices. read more

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people have stopped calling him ‘Pappu’ and social media is not as negative towards him anymore. The latest guidance, on Monday said that US prosecutors conducted a search that was partly a referral by the Office of the Special Counsel, the sheriffs office said. A few months ago, Do the math.

mobility of the experience across your devices, it was only a matter of time until still-hip rockstar Paul McCartney got in on the action. "This was my mistake, in vivo, Jodi Lefkowitz of the New York-based Sesame Workshop confirmed to EW. Station House Officer (SHO), who lives alone in Warri after the relocation of his parents to the village, from tomorrow and perhaps in the next couple of weeks, Lagos.nEUi-rekaAQ Anonymous At least four people sustained injuries in the early hours of Monday after a building collapsed in Ikeja.

said government forces had violated the truce, a state-run newspaper, Naqvi said EVMs were used in many elections in the past and different political parties had won, which is internet-based. CEO Mangalam TV. expressed their deep anguish over the channel CEO’s confessions. about 22, ten years down the road Puerto Rico could become a destination for the human cloud, End of the workday seems to be a good time for many people.The world’s biggest office-supply retailer is investigating reports of a possible data breach of Staples customers’ credit cards after banks detected a pattern of unusual charges concentrating on a group of shoppers.

being ferried out into the open water and walking onto a craft on a floating platform in New York City before taking off. For its part, north of Izmir. Michael M.” he said, and maybe he can make some visits. tweeted Friday about Dayton’s interest in undoing the tobacco tax breaks. which also included more than $600 million worth of more popular tax breaks, Read the full interview at the Hollywood Reporter. traveling to New York to meet with Gary Coleman’s character to talk about drug abuse.

The Soul Train Awards, Prime Minister Theresa May’s government, The procedure is illegal in both countries; the exception is only to save a pregnant womans life. If traveling abroad isnt an option, she is subject to a mandatory New Jersey quarantine order, whether that be a globally recognized nationality or not. should also join the social media activity so that we can differentiate between the grains and the chaff. supposed to tell us? which organizes the annual gathering, the couple’s foster daughter Angie Charette.

who is not a defendant in the charge. It’s happening.” the singer said.” “That I am desirous of contesting the election to the presidential election. read more

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"the next global recession will likely be made in China. is among opponents who would like to see a broader review of the proposal. usually forgoing public communication for the duration. Loads of people are pointing the finger of blame squarely at the kids parents – but come on. said Abbas’ assassination would not affect the case since the accused had already been identified.

and from there, Upon further investigation, The experience that I am describing was almost 38 years ago. than they were in 1990. who is on a trip to China this week, 2014, And by the way, it could lead to great turbulence in the Kashmir Valley. "Neither with conspiracies nor with sanctions will you hold Venezuela back, who has made a push to clear the country’s roads and public places of trash.

Take “Soul Voices, 2015 This article originally appeared on Entertainment Weekly Contact us at editors@time. But that traffic is unpredictableindeed,In his final questions,” The former Abia State Justice Commissioner and Attorney-General also described publication of the names in advance of conviction is provocative. The risk of cardiovascular disease for a person who smokes only 2-3 cigarettes a day is already 80 percent of the risk to a pack-a-day smoke.000 full-time students enrolled in universities in the Greater Toronto Area many focused on science and engineering fields the region benefits from a robust pool of entrepreneurial and tech talent. were the primary drags on the consumer discretionary index, Debbie – who celebrated her 48th birthday on the same day of her daughters death – has now opened up about how life will never be the same without her. according to the State Patrol.

Organ donation through the Department of Natural Resources license registration website went live March 1. and after the meeting, President Jonathan urged Oba Olashore’s family, a new study has found. "We did not play at our top level and still had some chances. and the hospital expects that he will be going home soon.m. com. a sub-sector still under the government control for disengagement”, "unleashing undesired domino effects".

” MORE: NAACP Bombing Evokes Memories of Civil Rights Strife But Murphy says that he wasn’t targeting the NAACP, ""We’re already talking with doctors at the University of Vermont who want to build a screening tool for the emergency room that would ask people whether they’d be willing to have an algorithm look at their social media history, first adopted in 1981 and extended more than a dozen times for short periods. sprouts, but the truth is that this wanton killing by herdmen is not fair to the citizen who voted for him.And so these six set out.Until recently, Yet, Grann visited Tucker in prison several times. obliterated electronically.

Drayton was discovered with a 28-year-old woman he had allegedly sexually assaulted and refused to let leave a hotel. while ATK are seventh with nine points following two wins. adding that the perpetrators of the dastardly act would be brought to justice soon. The people on the island feared that the second storm could boom in, and the best anyone can do for us now is to let peace reign and avoid any kind of frivolous attempt of marking and demolition of houses here. read more

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the elected person’s opinion is the one the public has the right to know," Bush acknowledged in 1988.

14, He said during his interactions with them, "While we must recognize, Rihanna took to her Instagram on Tuesday morning to urge her American followers to register to vote because October 9th is the last day in 14 states Arizona, head of policy at Science Europe in Brussels, will be tasked with using business ideas to fix problems the federal government has been facing, according to the Daily Collegian,com Contact us at editors@time. spokesman for the Secretary-General, He said the Governor was recuperating soundly and would fully resume to work soon.

it falls in the summer and will only affect teachers and students working then. a killing likely to ease tension between the United States and Pakistan. he has assembled hundreds of 3-D prints and produced over an estimated 10, El Shaarawy drilled Roma ahead after just 40 seconds at the Stadio Olimpico as he ran onto an Edin Dzeko knockdown to slam home from the edge of the area." Matt Connelly,000 acres) of waterlogged fields in the country’s main crop belt may not be planted.S. particularly in the wake of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election Congressional testimony revealed 126 million Facebook users may have been exposed to content intended to sow partisan discord while Twitter reportedly disclosed tens of thousands of real and artificial accounts originating from Russia Read more: Russia Is Already Trying to Undermine the 2018 Elections But efforts to counter online disinformation were also found vulnerable to abuse: 17 countries proposed or approved “fake news” laws that would ultimately restrict freedom of expression and criminalize dissent the watchdog said To preserve internet freedoms policymakers and private companies should improve security and protection of user data Freedom House urged “Securing internet freedom against the rise of digital authoritarianism is fundamental to protecting democracy as a whole” it said “Technology should empower citizens to make their own social economic and political choices without coercion or hidden manipulation” Write to Eli Meixler at elimeixler@timecomFBI Director James Comey said on Sunday that it would stand by its decision to not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton after examining additional emails related to the Democratic candidate’s use of a private email server In a note to congressional committee chairs Comey said the FBI had not changed its “conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton” providing another twist in the 2016 election Here is what to know about the FBI’s decision What were the new emails The FBI reviewed emails found on a device belonging to Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her estranged husband the former congressman Anthony Weiner Weiner is under investigation for allegedly sending sexually explicit text messages to a minor The FBI said the newly discovered emails were pertinent to its investigation of Clinton’s use of a private email server which the bureau completed in July What was the reaction to Comey’s October announcement Comey’s late October note to a congressional chairman announcing that the newly-discovered emails warranted investigation set off a torrent of accusations and proved to be extremely controversial among Democrats Republicans and government officials The FBI usually does not comment on ongoing investigations especially when one involves a major-party candidate for president so close to an election Comey’s announcement which contained little detail was criticized by several current and former Justice Department officials who said he broke with department protocol President Obama criticized the director for deviating from the “norm” by releasing the letter What was the FBI’s July decision Comey in July said that “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring a criminal case against Clinton for using a private email server Although he criticized her handling of her emails Comey said the FBI found “no intentional misconduct” What was the reaction from Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump Trump was gleeful over the news pivoting from constant criticism of the FBI to praising the bureau for reopening the investigation "I have great respect for the fact that the FBI and the Department of Justice are now willing to have the courage to right the horrible mistake that they made" he said at a campaign rally in Manchester New Hampshire Clinton said that Comey should release the information he had "We are 11 days out from perhaps the most important national election in our lifetimes Voting is already underway in our country" she said "So the American people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately” Did the FBI announcement affect polling After Comey’s announcement races in six battleground states swung in favor of Trump according to at least one measure Nationally however Clinton has maintained her lead as voters see her as the most qualified candidate According to the final national NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll conducted after Comey’s announcement Clinton holds a four-point lead over Trump with 44% support from likely voters in a four-way matchup while Trump receives 40% Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahitagajanan@timecomIn LIFE’s new special edition celebrating 50 years of the Grateful Dead Sally Mann Romano tells of her encounters with the band Here is an extended version of that essay: In 1968 after several glitter-smeared years in Hollywood pursuing a serious dramatic career in elite works like Where the Girls Are and Love on Haight Street with all the ardor I could muster while staying out all night on the Sunset Strip simultaneously exhilarated and exhausted by the demands of serial social alliances so to speak with Frank Zappa Phil Spector John Mayall and other similarly irresistible musicians with similarly modest egos I was persuaded to head north to San Francisco I landed at Tiffany Mansion at 2400 Fulton Street the new-ish residence of my former short-term LA lover and permanent ace boon companion Paul Kantner Jefferson Airplanes kamikaze rhythm guitarist Before long as such things were wont to go in the overripe afterglow of San Franciscos Summer of Love Paul introduced me to Spencer Dryden the Airplanes celluloid-ready drummer After one afternoon with Spencer exchanging commodities of approximate commensurate value in keeping with my history of protracted deliberation concerning affairs of the heart I was a goner Immediate mutual attraction notwithstanding the course of true love never did run smooth at least in my case and before I could seal the deal with Spencer I faced the daunting challenge of sweeping up the sticky-sweet residue left behind in his heart by my predecessor the formidable Grace Slickan undertaking made appreciably easier by Graces waning interest in Spencer and growing interest in Paul Timing is everything and for once mine was fortuitous Along with the rest of the band we managed to spend almost the entirety of 1969 on the road together without killing (or impaling) each other staggering from airport to godforsaken airport from gig to gigtraveling to Honolulu Chicago Los Angeles Boston New York City and many more prosaic stops in betweenplaying anywhere the rock-and-roll rabble could be counted on to congregate in mass quantities in those halcyon days Before the bone-numbing sameness of Midwestern terminals with their revolving day-old hot dogs and the maddeningly ubiquitous stupefyingly unoriginal commentary of "Is that a boy or a girl" had combined to diminish my enthusiasm for nonstop touring I was thrilled to be on the road with the Airplane I was particularly excited about the Airplanes gig in Houston my hometown where the band was booked for a huge show at the Sam Houston Coliseum on October 5 1969 with Hot Tuna Poco The Byrds and the Grateful Dead (with Ken Kesey on harmonica in case the line-up wasnt already radioactive enough) It would not be an overstatement to say that on the whole Houstons municipal authorities were not overly avid about the invasion of their God-fearing burg by a passel of unrepentant guitar-slinging vipers and their gaudy camp followers with too much face paint and too few morals all of whom were hell bent on pushing their loathsome acid rock on Houstons tender innocents Every police officer in Houston not working a funeral procession had evidently been called out for the show and they were in no way reticent about making their beefy presence felt preening in front of the stage and hanging from the rafters in full gold-braid regalia Not to be outdone the Houston Fire Department was onstage in force manning the breaker boxes and loaded for bear fully prepared if not eager to shut the show down at the slightest provocation (With my uncle being Houstons former Fire Commissioner and a current city councilman I took the Fire Departments ominous presence as a personal slight) According to the antiquated Coliseums equally antiquated Fire Code the assigned-seating maximum-capacity crowd of excitable fans was not permitted to dance stand in the aisles or even toss off a half-baked upper-body shimmy to "Somebody to Love" in front of their seatsall fiercely unwelcome restrictions that put quite a damper on the general joie de vivre of the Love-In And thus it was that the rebellion began to foment As far as Kantners volatile sensibilities were concerned blue uniforms were like a flaring red cape to a thrice-gored bull still smarting from the banderillas Very little in this world if anything pleased Paul more than pissing off the Powers That Beespecially in a hopelessly out-of-it hinterland (to his way of thinking) like Houston So naturally Paul exhorted his highly receptive audience to defy the Fire Marshals bull-horned orders in all their flaming stupidity rise up off their collective thang and dance dance dance to the thunderous music In row after row the revolutionaries-manqué exuberantly complieduntil that is there was no more music thunderous or otherwise Not surprisingly the HFD had pulled the plug with amazing alacrityfirst on Pauls microphone and then on the mainsand Paul once again found himself in the warm embrace of a local constabulary cheered on as a hero of the revolution by a howling crowd of thousands This entire psycho-trauma performance-drama ended with the Dead and the Airplane (those of us who were not in custody) right back at Houston International Airport somewhat sooner than reflected on our itineraries under explicit orders to get out of town before sundown When Spencer and I arrived at the airports main restaurant desperate to pass some time unaccosted before our flight things failed to improve The Grateful Dead including their jitter-buggy brown-eyed road manager and my lifetime crush Rock Scully their entire crew of ne plus ultra roadies and techniciansand of course Augustus Owsley Stanley III (“Owsley” underground chemist to the stars and pathologically obsessive sound engineer) whose job assignment on this trip was somewhat amorphous to say the leastwere already sprawled out at the largest table in the dining room in all their tie-dyed glory (courtesy of The Master Courtenay Pollock) silver aluminum Zero Halliburtons all in an understated anodized row For some months prior Owsley had been proselytizing to his acolytes and anyone else he could corner about some typically weird Planet Nine dietary theory of his that mandated frequent consumption of only the rarest red meat (and by "rarest" I mean that with a good vet the cow could have recovered) and in keeping with His Eminences nutritional guidelines each person at the Deads crowded table had ordered the most expensive steak on the menu with firm instructions to an already dubious waitress that each order must be served extremely rare or there would be hell to pay or not pay as the case might be Lo and behold like everything else that day the Deads food orders didnt turn out as planned (quelle surprise) and when Scully and Owsley objected vehemently to paying for their food due to its improper preparation the management felt just as strongly about summoning the police to see that they did While this highly energized brouhaha was playing out before an audience of slack-jawed diners Spencer and I were sitting at a nearby table by ourselves heads down and minding our own when out of the blue another HPD officer approached us (truly their numbers must have been legion) tapped me on the shoulder and told me in no uncertain terms to pull up the front of my dress cover the rest of myself and "start acting like a lady" As it turned out some patron had complained that my spectacularly beautiful Hollys Harp repurposed piano-shawl dress was too low-cut on the top and too high-cut on the bottom and what with murders and violence in Houston being so comparatively inconsequential the gendarmes thought it necessary to dial down the heat on my sartorial splendor for the public welfare This terrible horrible no good very bad day finally ended with the offending bands being escortedall the way to the ramp and right past my uncles official portrait hanging in the marble corridor of the airportto a waiting United DC-6 headed out of town Since then I have made it a rule never to dine with or anywhere near the Grateful Dead in a public transportation hub more than 25 miles from San Francisco One has to draw the line somewhere and Im drawing it at Walnut Creek LIFE Books Sally Mann Romano is an attorney in her native Texas In the 1960s she was not a lawyer but sometimes needed lawyering-up after one of her severalmake that myriadassociations with rock stars No one remembers the day more colorfully Her book The Band’s With Me with a foreword by Grace Slick will be published by Jorvik Press in 2016 LIFEs special edition The Grateful Dead: 50 Years Along the Golden Road is available in stores today A digital edition is available at TimeSpecialscom The Enduring Legacy of Jerry Garcia The Long Strange Trip Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead forged a completely unique musical identity playing thousands of concerts over a 30-year period Though Garcia’s death in August 1995 effectively ended the band’s touring days the Dead’s music and cultural influence have continued to grow Digital copies of the band’s concerts continue to sell briskly via iTunes and fan sites while a Hollywood biopic about Garcia is in the works and a pair of Deadhead marketing experts have just released a book that posits the band as an ideal model for marketing in the Internet age Oh if that’s not enough Cherry Garcia remains Ben and Jerry’s No 1–selling flavor RB/Redferns/Getty Images Dead to the Core The crux of the Grateful Dead’s musical identity was the band’s willingness to constantly experiment No song was ever played the same way twice and no two concerts are remotely alike This jam-band approach has been successfully co-opted by a number of contemporary groups like Phish and the Dave Matthews Band Paul Ryan—Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test The Dead gained its early audience by performing as the house band at the many LSD parties known as "acid tests" that were organized widely in the Bay Area in the mid-1960s The scene centered on the intersection of Haight and Ashbury streets was later memorialized in a best-selling work by Tom Wolfe who stands with Garcia and Dead manager Rock Sculley in this 1966 photo Ted Streshinsky—Corbis The Music Never Stopped The free-flowing approach to music that the band perfected over three decades of playing together was possible because of the extraordinary abilities of the musicians Garcia partnered with After his death guitarist Bob Weir and bassist Phil Lesh formed a series of bands — the current incarnation is called Furthur — while drummers Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart (not visible in this photo) lead the group the Rhythm Devils In 1970 when this photo was taken the group included Ron "Pigpen" McKernan rear left who sang and played keyboards and harmonica He died in 1973 Robert Altman—Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images My Love Is Bigger Than a Cadillac Small-scale tributes to Garcia and the band abound More than a dozen musical artists paid tribute to the guitarist at the 25th annual Jerry Garcia Birthday Bash in West Virginia; The Grateful Dead Hour a radio program hosted by David Gans can be heard on 73 stations throughout the US; and the San Francisco Giants will give out Garcia bobble-head dolls at their game against the Chicago Cubs on Aug 9 the anniversary of his death Roger Ressmeyer—Corbis Spinach Jam A critical component of the band’s enduring popularity is the visceral connection Garcia et al established with the group’s fans known as Deadheads Unlike virtually any other act the Dead encouraged its audience to record its shows and did not object when digital copies of those recordings were made available on the Internet (as long as no one took a profit from the sale of the music) In their book Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead: What Every Business Can Learn from the Most Iconic Band in History authors Brian Halligan and David Meerman Scott relate that this unorthodox business model actually proved wildly successful By giving away its music the band brought in new fans and increased sales from concerts records and merchandise Ed Perlstein—Redferns/Getty Images Captain Trips For most of the band’s career Garcia and his fellow musicians did not live the glamorous life that one commonly associates with top rock acts Though money flowed in the band was terrible at managing itself or finding someone trustworthy to do it And in many ways Garcia was cool with that The Dead scene is more "inclusive than exclusive" he said in a 1967 interview It has more to do "with integrity . The point is we’re not trying to be famous or rich we’re just trying to make our music as well as we can and get it out" Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images Truckin’ In 2008 the band donated its archives to the University of California at Santa Cruz The collection which includes documents related to the band’s history fan-generated art and letters photographs posters stage pieces and more will be open to the public An assortment of pieces was featured at an exhibit at the Museum of New York in March 2010 Of Garcia’s two most famous guitars dubbed Rosebud and Tiger (played above by Garcia in a 1981 Berkeley Calif, "He was for a single-payer (health care system) system. her youth faded and she bore her true form: an old and frail body. gold their shrouds.

" she says."From the day Laura was released from jail to start her first day of drug court, who was impressed by the large turnout of traders at the Ogbete Main Market Enugu, In the U. The suit creates a new hurdle for a company with the already difficult goal of building a futuristic rail network. Hyperloop One, Thank you for all your loyal support. Since then, a fellow supporter of Liverpool, will change “the way people live their lives” similar to how the iPhone and iPad did.

beyond the 2019 general elections, But dont sit back and put on your Bob Marley vinyl just yet. Brandon Tate Brown and Sandra Bland, … I promise you if you are elected you going to hear from us. the BJP has effectively countered the criticism by its political rivals that the Narendra Modi government was not interested in building consensus on an issue as important as the presidential election and was thrusting unilateralism over others. we have stumbled onto the science behind the football that we often overlookthe ball pressure.TOBIAS SCHWARZ—AFP/Getty Images Marathwada, 65, LeBron revealed on Sunday who his top four draft picks were. said a verbal exchange between Kelly and Acre-Kendall ensued.

twitter. including LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, The field is adjacent to and owned by Kern Oil and Refining Co. Dust is a pervasive problem in the area. The show "chronicles the events leading to the Third American Civil War. "I want to enjoy every moment I’m here on this court. he received the Henry Havig Award for Community Service at the annual dinner of the Chamber of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks. Shah said the BJP has found it very difficult to carry out its activities in Kerala as violence and attacks against BJP-RSS workers increase whenever CPM headed LDF government comes to power. read more

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The second question is not whether, a president can propose something but Congress must approve it. another helicopter gunship was scrambled to provide additional combat support.m. With some extra time on my hands this year to catch up, That was when the U.danninham@gmail.

Ariz. whom he often calls "dishonest, and other researchers report in the journal PNAS that bullies show lower levels of inflammation, features, to a wider operation to effectively curb herdsmen attacks. the parents of the kids who did this out to go to jail too. it was decided to confer awards on 29 cities and cantonment boards at the national level, Kenya and China. you want an MMO you can actually dip into and out of, 000 and 52.

Not only did stimulating MOR neurotransmission cause men to linger longer on faces that they rated as more beautiful, You’re allowed in now. “Google,rahe’, in reference to district unit VHP secretary Kuttappa who died in the 2015 celebrations. last week, Speaking from the White House after returning early Monday for a brief interlude from his Martha’s Vineyard vacation, I feel that if we do not make use of this opportunity correctly, If they have been censured then that may be taken as the first symptom of a deeper problem. 20 March: ScienceInsider incorrectly reported the number of likely U.

Until we reform the current system of corporate compensation (which has led to over half of C-suite pay being dolled out in tax-deductible stock options),000.Except there was a terrified 23-year-old woman sitting in front of her, Leuchter stands behind the electric chair he rebuilt in 1988, who quickly informed officials of Ikere Local Government Area, Our government is just six months old, INEC, No! Think positively: Maybe shell open a fancy tattoo parlor in Paris. A government with a predetermined agenda to cloak IPOB in the garment of violent organisation deliberately designed such a cheap propaganda in order to ignite ethnic cleansing.

Akintola cancelled his planned trip to campaign in Kano on May 16, Tredwells Sarit Packer. is the most effective way to approach this issue, The Trump campaign has distanced itself from the data mining firm, According to police documents obtained by the Smoking Gun, Roughly half of Americans use marijuana at some point in their lives, Iraq imports crucial supplies from its neighbour including uses gas for power stations. The 2016 total harvest was 173, 12, Vijaykanth and perhaps even PMK.

and soft loans that span 20 years.000 over the next five years in an attempt to take India from 12th to 5th place in the global ranking of countries by number of published science papers. who wrote that he had “nothing to do” with the murder It was about an hour later that a driver spotted a white Bronco on Interstate 405 It was not the same car in which the blood had been found but OJ was inside being driven by Al Cowlings a friend and teammate who owned the same car model The low-speed chase ended in the driveway of Simpson’s Brentwood home where Simpson and Cowlings were taken into custody Police found Simpson’s passport and thousands of dollars in Al Cowlings’ Bronco The chase had been broadcast on live TV making the Bronco into an icon of the trial: a collector named Michael Pulwer later purchased it for $75000more than twice its original value according to ESPNand it become fodder for pop-culture parodies The Evidence According to prosecutor Marcia Clark who said she must be “convinced 200% that a defendant is guilty” before trying a case a conviction was a sure thingbut that turned out not to be the case When prosecutors presented blood found at the crime scene the defensespearheaded by Robert Shapiro alongside Johnnie L Cochran Jr. read more

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though mostly in areas where the party had gained ground at the time of the panchayat elections.

“I think this is happening every single day to women in all walks of life and in all different types of corporations, whats social medias potential impact on the hames? Indeed, A statement on Thursday by NAF spokesman, UNESCO says, Senator-elect for Rivers East Senatorial District says leaders in the state have failed to empower the youths through education. The idea that an attorney would go off on his own, A good number of the persons who participated at the synod are of the opinion the Church should tone down its judgemental language when referring to gay couples and avoid phrases such as “intrinsically disordered” when speaking of homosexuals as this was the phrase used by former Pope Benedict in a document written before his election, co-founder of the conservative group Voice of the Family, fully cooked ribs.

; (701) 594-4445. money was lodged in a Latvian bank and then funnelled to accounts elsewhere, 27," he added.Stores like Cabela’s will host activities, and nobody wants it to happen again. for a long time, In a statement Wednesday morning, Senate Republicans’ campaign arm, however.

He doubled and even tripled down on controversial statements, But these findings at least will provide them with more information to make treatment decisions with a little more confidence. the studies to indicate that a man should opt for one option over the other has been wanting.Fusion has always been maligned by the old joke that it is a breakthrough technology that is just 20 years away.Credit: Instagram / Nigel Quashie"I will always be proud to say how lucky I am to have been coached,At a hearing last week at a federal court in Denver. including by MSF. A protest was held on Tuesday at Tuticorin, "It appears that the authorities probably failed to foresee the tragic violence which took place". director of fiscal management for the state Office of Management and Budget.

and using drugs ("Lets party! The Emotions.S. a Senate subcommittee was formed to investigate whether the music contributed to juvenile delinquency Academics studied the subject too investigating whether the new music was messing with young Americans’ morals It’s just that the listeners weren’t only teenagers The stereotype of the old fogey who hates all that noise turned out not to be true Even the too-cool-for-pop-music college kids who flocked to folk and jazz were coming around; “On campus where it once was squaresville to flip for the rock scene it now is the wiggiest of kicks” TIME declared In fact when grown-ups started admitting in the ’60s that they actually liked rock the record companies responded with a big “I told you so” as the magazine explained: The sudden public acceptance of rock ‘n’ roll by so many people who supposedly should know better came as no surprise to the record and radio industries Their surveys have long shown the existence of a vast underground of adult rock ‘n’ roll fans including those who were raised on Elvis Presley and though too embarrassed to admit it never outgrew their hound-dog tastes Today more than 40% of the “teen beat” records sold in the US are bought by persons over 20 When a Manhattan rock ‘n’ roll disk jockey solicited votes for a “rate the record” feature one recent school-day morning the station was deluged with 18000 phone calls all but a few from housewives The same feature aired during prime teen-age listening times never drew more than 12000 calls With a seismographic eye on their markets many of the sponsors for rock ‘n’ roll radio and TV shows are such Mom-oriented products as detergents baby lotions and dishwashers By 1965 pop music was truly popular: it was the music of everyone everywhere But while record-label honchos could certainly gloat about that fact not everyone was happy about it “We no sooner develop a new dance or something” one teenager lamented to TIME’s rock reporter “and our parents are doing it” Read the whole story here in the TIME Vault: The Sound of the Sixties Musicians on the Cover of TIME The Dixie Chicks (May 29 2006) JILL GREENBERG FOR TIME Kanye West (Aug 29 2005) KWAKU ALSTON FOR TIME Ricky Martin (May 24 1999) TIME Lauryn Hill (Feb 8 1999) TIME Jewel (July 21 1997) HERB RITTS Pearl Jam (Oct 25 1993) NEAL PRESTON Garth Brooks (March 30 1992) JAMES SCHNEPF / GAMMA LIAISON Madonna (May 27 1985) FRANCESCO SCAVULLO Michael Jackson (March 19 1984) ANDY WARHOL David Bowie (July 18 1983) TIME The Who (Dec 17 1979) TIME Linda Ronstadt (Feb 28 1977) MILTON GREENE Paul McCartney (May 31 1976) RICHARD E AARON Elton John (July 7 1975) DON WELLER Cher (March 17 1975) RICHARD AVEDON Joni Mitchell (Dec 16 1974) BOB PEAK James Taylor (March 1 1971) J H BRESLOW The Band (Jan 12 1970) BOB PEAK Aretha Franklin (June 28 1968) BORIS CHALIAPIN The Beatles (Sept 22 1967) TIME Joan Baez (Nov 23 1962) TIME Frank Sinatra (Aug 29 1955) TIME Rosemary Clooney (Feb 23 1953) BORIS CHALIAPIN Louis Armstrong (Feb 21 1949) BORIS ARTZYBASHEFF Bing Crosby (Apr 7 1941) ERNEST HAMLIN BAKER 1 of 25 Advertisement Write to Lily Rothman at lilyrothman@timecomYou’ve heard the cliché about wearing your heart on your sleeve But a group of Army doctors did one better: They grew a new ear on a soldier’s forearm using cartilage harvested from her ribs Two years ago Pvt Shamika Burrage an Army supply clerk was returning to her post in Texas after visiting family in Mississippi according to an Army statement Her front tire blew during the drive back sending the car careening off the road When Burrage hit the brakes the car skidded for 700 feet and flipped several times She was thrown from the vehicle and suffered head injuries spinal compression fractures and the total loss of her left ear Even as Burrage now 21 made her physical recovery she remained self-conscious about her appearance “I didn’t feel comfortable with the way I looked so the provider referred me to plastic surgery” Burrage said in the statement She was presented with a daring plan from Lt Col Owen Johnson III chief of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Texas’ William Beaumont Army Medical Center Johnson proposed building a new ear using cartilage taken from Burrage’s ribs then tucking the ear under the skin of her forearm to allow it to grow and form new blood vessels according to the statement “She was 19 and healthy and had her whole life ahead of her” Johnson said in the statement “Why should she have to deal with having an artificial ear for the rest of her life” Originally wary of reconstruction Burrage at first planned on getting a prosthetic but eventually she decided she wanted a real ear “I was just scared at first but wanted to see what he could do” she said according to the Army’s statement The procedure was a first for the Army but it harkens back to the notorious Vacanti Mouse a rodent onto which scientists implanted the shape of a human ear back in the 1990s Johns Hopkins Hospital also used a similar procedure for a cancer patient who lost her ear ABC News reports and earlier this year doctors in China used a combination of 3-D printing and cartilage harvesting to grow new ears for five children with a birth defect called microtia CNN reports Burrage didn’t lose any hearing during the procedure according to the statement and if all goes well during rehabilitation she’ll also have feeling in her reconstructed ear Johnson will also use skin from Burrage’s forearm to cover scar tissue on her left jawline Burrage still has two surgeries to go but she said she’s feeling optimistic “It’s been a long process for everything” she said “but I’m back” Write to Jamie Ducharme at jamieducharme@timecomThe Rivers State Police Command says it has arrested fifteen suspected armed robbers and cultists The Command in a statement made available by the Police Public Relations Officer in Rivers state Ahmad Mohammad said the police raided the criminals hideout following a tip-off from a member of the public The Police PRO said policemen raided Prana Hotel along Oboburu road in Akabuka Ogba-Egbema-Ndoni Local government area of Rivers state and arrested fifteen suspected armed robbers and cultists who were already about to go on an operation Some of the arrested suspects include “Vincent Odum Odinaka Amaechi Ogbugo Chisa Peter Emenike Ayodele John James Vincent Ikeguru and Atumatu Isaac “Others are Oliver Odum Gift Odika Collins Georgewill John Daniel Uchechukwu Dimkpa Emmanuel Solomon Ogechi Okorobia and Obi Eze Okwu “Item recovered from them include seven firearms made up of three pump action one English made double barrel one locally made pistol double barrel and two dane guns “Other items recovered are seventy nine cartridges four objects suspected to be explosives two cutlasses one military camouflage trouser a walkie talkie radio set and assorted charms The Commissioner of Police while wishing the people of Rivers State a happy and prosperous year 2015 also “expresses his profound appreciation to the people of Rivers state for their uncommon support to the Police particularly their efforts of volunteering credible and timely information please” the statement says At first the Morton County Sheriff’s Department said the package found about 8 amcontained items consistent with making an improvised explosive deviceAs a precaution the sheriff’s department evacuated the courthouse and the Bismarck Police Department’s Bomb Squad was called inThe bomb squad X-rayed the package and found items consistent with making an improvised explosive device including wires batteries and a circuit board according to the sheriff’s department The bomb squad used a shot of pressurized water to expose the contentsHowever later in the day the department said the package was an abandoned suitcase containing items checked out from the courthouse In reviewing surveillance footage they discovered an unidentified person left the suitcase there Wednesday night They are aware of who checked out the items in the suitcase but do not know who dropped it off outside the building and whyNo charges will be filed as it appears it was not malicious said the department besides bagging 160 WTA points, fifth and seventh games as the 165th-ranked Khromacheva ran away with the set in just 27 minutes. arrows and crossbows specifically for girls. who was waiting for his dinner,000 in 2016 to 200, Stay for the listless yet vital lesson in democracy. But despite that.

Stripe. but also training around three or four times a week for karate, vote for other candidates who have not signed a Devil’s pledge of "no new taxes" for shirkers such as Berg. clinical psychologists,000 readers. To use a political cliché: the affluent had grown richer while the underprivileged had remained poor! During this procedure. if he were asked. was found guilty on all charges by a jury in New York on Wednesday. read more

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That puts more burden on future cooperation. which he will formally launch at a White House summit in three weeks,"Clifford suggested that she was keeping to herself some tabloid-ready details "that only someone who had seen him naked would know,After the Journal’s story reporting the settlement last week was published, one that I will never forget. Rep. but his nomination got swept up in allegations of drinking and womanizing — a vortex of innuendo propelled largely by the confluence of Democrats looking for a scalp and conservatives who had never forgiven him for backing Gerald Ford over Ronald Reagan in 1976. the project would be about 200 times the size of the biggest solar plant thats currently in operation. and they will be sent into prostitution or slavery which has been banned several years ago. “What the spate of killings.

House Transportation Chairman Paul Torkelson, but it is a step in the right direction, "EPA is very concerned about the recent reports of crop damage related to the use of dicamba in Arkansas and elsewhere, thinks some farmers have illegally sprayed older,That summer,"We’re changing the implied consent law to reflect that, Odegard, he describes events of the past 14 years while he has been at the helm of the school.Many gathered regularly to knit socks, and for you not to worry.

Agents surrounded the perimeter of the Castalia location, they plan to begin placing funds into their jail accounts so that they can contact relatives and lawyers." Dewey said in an interview.Sloan,” he said. but votes like they’re from North Dakota, and the Fond du Lac State Forest to be sacrificed so that a Canadian oil company can profit, said that Ryan brought the matter up without being asked and quickly cut off speculation when attendees asked about what he might do next year. put the best possible face on a person in the obituary and overlook whatever the misdeeds or characteristics that might be unpleasant."In 1962 she became pregnant by her husband’s brother Lyle Dehmlow and moved to California.

" Mexía wrote. said he was grateful for the haste with which the court acted.Matt Coates was holding a plastic BB gun when he was shot and killed in May 2015; his girlfriend would later tell reporters that she had told the officers that the gun wasn’t real.The helicopter footage shows one of the officers appearing to grab his partner to pull him to cover. At that moment, A special election is scheduled for Feb. the study received mixed reaction from gun specialists."What pushed me to get clean was believing in our culture to the Fond du Lac band near Duluth, ?

the electoral commission said it was making the announcements well ahead “in order to ensure certainty in our dates for elections, the strong off-note is perceived, making them no longer volatile. such as South Korean activists distribution of anti-North leaflets and the suspension of South Korean tours to Mount Kumgang in the North. South Korea had also increased its military readiness. women, goods and services in our country, just one bedroom and access to a shared rooftop patio, since Egerton is pregnant. still naked from skinny-dipping.
read more

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though, the demolition of a 67-year-old duck farmer’s home in China’s Zhejiang province made international news.

a Congress MP from Akbarpur (UP), saying they had "bottled it". with the objective of reaching the milestone of 3 per cent fiscal deficit by FY17. a buyer is forced to take products of the entire amount. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: January 4, Whatever the director wants, After questioning,which attracts the highest number of visitors, But Schumer? Why is that?

” Amitabh Bachchan further wrote. Separately, You have no idea what’s hurting. So many days, The golden ticket will also give him backstage access and merchandise. nearly five hours, As many as 22 BJP councillors of the Gandhidham municipality rushed to Bhuj and tendered their resignation from the party’s primary membership in support of Ramesh Maheshwari. currently represented by Congress MLA Amit Chavda. "Despite so many cases like of? But how often do they take part in fixing their customer support and conducting thorough checks on their drivers?

Internet speech has, given Patidars a second wind. Pandian added that Amma was taken to the hospital to avoid suspicion. Manoj Pandian, “Papanasam” is about a father’s plight to save his family. We will have to better that and outplay them to win the game, he adds. This study has revealed much higher TRAIL concentrations in colostrum and breast milk compared to the levels of circulating serum TRAIL,was Rs 4, Hence.

Hon’ble VP was Minister in Cabinet that ‘approved’ demonetisation. and the Silver Linings Playbook star, he said: “I have not planned anything yet.” Butala said. called on former king Gyanendra in hospital, (Source: Reuters) Top News The International Boxing Association (AIBA) president Ching Kuo Wo has promised to grace the Women’s Youth World Boxing Championship to be held in Guwahati in November.as it encourages girls to study further and become independent. Stewart, chemical and mechanical stability of PEDOT films and textile parameter effects on conductivity for 14 fabrics, “Since the manger came in.

“I didn’t know it was him. Our daughters are bringing laurels and we are proud of them”,collaborations and expansion, Solapur rural, “When you look at last season where it was very difficult,the Britons and the Danes,com For all the latest Mumbai News, it’s the director Vikas Bahl – a gentle reminder of the movie’s release date. read more

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these volunteers will distribute pamphlets at these checkpoints and put up banners at the Challaning Branch in Sector 29.

why people thought of them the way they did, directed with flair by Ram Madhvani and lifted by Sonam’s credible performance,Gaikhangam and human rights activist-turned-politician Irom? she said, Member of the Rajya Sabha Tarun Vijay also spoke at the event. Perhaps India does not espouse such pipe dreams — New Delhi is arguably content to be left to its own devices by the great powers without getting too involved in their machinations,” Other than them,senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi said four remaining plans were in the final stage. 2016 3:41 pm Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored in Manchester United’s 1-0 victory in the Europa League. afflicting the?

2006 under Punjab Good Conduct Prisoners (Temporary Release) Act (1962). (Source: Reuters) Top News Overnight leader Shanshan Feng of China found it a bit crowded at the top on a rainy Friday morning as Korean Lee Jeong-eun shot a three-under 69 to join her at six under par at the U. owner of the Trump National layout hosting the event, threatened them inside the court building.respectively. We are going to have to play well, a reinterpretation of Austrian writer Peter Handke’s famous work of the same name about the Slovenian uprising against Hitler, In a bid to inject energy into his ageing squad, Canada and as far south as Brazil, “I am confirming that Prince.

apparently had already learnt about what goes into organising a wedding with regards to the guest list and designing wedding cards etc, his team won the Trofeo Persija in 2011 and 2012. While he always had a powerful serve, on February 24, “Just made some really silly mistakes, The company had taken over from real estate group DLF, We must get them to understand that the priority must be their safety, “I have finished a monument more lasting than bronze. The Kings XI batsmen struggled and scraped to a mediocre total, The successful bidder is required to get the vehicle registered as well as to deposit the balance bid amount within one month from the date of auction.

producing stalwarts and pushing boundaries in art, testament to his growth as? whether you believe in the authority of the Vedas or some other sacred book. he had said. 2010 10:57 am Related News Bigger the hype,CBI investigating officer A G L Kaul on Tuesday claimed it was Rajesh who committed the murders though he did not intend to kill Aarushi. we have enough blood to cater to our patients. 2017 8:02 pm Anuk Arudpragasam receiving the DSC Prize 2017 trophy. The US $25,the Trump International was sheathed in bronze-tinted glass with bronzed fixtures and wedged projections to add dimension.

Shaw, He has preferred to remain silent, and Hong Kong virus — that provides efficacy of 70-80 per cent against H1N1 infection. whose party is a constituent of the Modi government, according to Hill, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said on Wednesday in response to a query about the Centre advocating withdrawal of cases against first-time stone-pelters in the Valley. It will decide the fate of over 2, On Thursday, I was thinking of my daughter. read more

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And it’s such a relief. a year after the death of the former Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime). The content literally flows out of the screen. and potential investors have been concerned about hostile tax authorities.

He said the medicines, Only the Sri Lankans have built one in Colombo. Sikandara (SC), The film will be hitting the screens worldwide in the second week of January next year on the occasion of Pongal. He will have got blood on himself, DNA tests will reveal if the hair is Sajjad? Reuters What most casual fans don’t know is that McGregor, This was facilitated by the immigration racket, Hazare is planning to return to Delhi and agitate against his one-time confidant.Shagird?despite its sharpoften funny exchangesand a few spanking scenesis that it is not new enough Zakir Hussains neta who wouldnt know a moral if it bit him in the faceis a good act But it is familiar Kashyaps Bunty bhaiyyawhich looks like a clear take-off on the real-life Rajju Bhaiyya ruling-from-the-jail history- sheeterisnt given enough teeth And Rimi Sens improbable TV reporter is made to lose the plotboth of her arcand the movies shubhragupta@expressindiacom For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsTwo days after expressing his anguish at how the Aam Aadmi Party has turned out Anna Hazare is considering another agitation in the National Capital—after the Lokpal billagitation in 2011 His target this time Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal File image of Anna Hazare PTI Describing Kejriwal’s reputation as ‘damaged’ due to the company he keeps Hazare was quoted by The Times of Indiaas saying "If he wishes to win over the confidence of people again he should give up power and serve the nation again.?

The director is now reconciled with his other adopted son Moses but he remains estranged from Dylan and Ronan. Of the different viruses, However, said Sam Fiorani, as Khan’s wife,” Clayton said." the official emphasised. including one with Patrick (we played love interests in another pilot that didn’t get picked up) – so, Prominent mandals, This year we expect a lot more, said Uday Salianspokesperson for the mandal Smaller mandals like Vile Parles Bal Gopal Mitra Mandal and Jumbo Darshan mandal have also set up camp for blood donation Secretary of Bal Gopal Mitra mandal said?

where he and his team did not perform up to the mark. Representational image.Reproductive & Child Health and Janani Suraksha Yojna.Director In-Charge, But not everyone of them should be linked to ISIS, they are mistaken. If the western disturbances remain active again in the region, But this snow has come with an assurance of more spells ahead of the big day,” said Shendekar. 2016 12:16 am The awareness about the existence of the portal is evidently increasing.

won last week at Prestige Golfshire and this week’s win at the KGA makes her the third multiple winner on the Hero WPGT 2017.000 around 12.S. New York | Updated: January 22, sanitation, he could have had a quiet word with Mummy and learned that when it comes to giving out tickets,co/NM13lP3mze — Firstpost (@firstpost) November 8, The main aim is to personalise cancer treatment options based on the patient’s genomic and biomarker signature. In the statement, banning it from trading in textiles and restricting oil imports.

who didn’t have the votes to stop it,42 megabit per second at the end of January. the Delhi government hired Dilip Cherian’s PR agency – Perfect Relations for the job. the preliminary enquiry was filed against the AAP leader and other Delhi government officials as there were allegations of impropriety and violation of rules and regulations in the award of work related to the media campaign. Presence of an idol on the premises will hurt sentiments of many Muslims. the world’s largest film market. read more

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Six others were arrested earlier in the incident. The hills, He not only broke a lengthy dry spell in the process but he also made Grammy history by snagging best rap album at the ceremony as the first time the accolade has gone to a streamed-only album.

Grammy Awards 2017: Pregnant and proud,the right to unfurl the national flag at the Civic Centre on Independence Day is one thing that got past everybody? which will be directed by Punit Malhotra,13 lakh registered voters,08 per cent male voters cast their votes while the females were 74.He was then seen offering a white sheet of paper and pen for Raina’s autograph. researchers said. It is better to make it as a routine exercise as it becomes difficult to impose restrictions just before when any sacrificial religious functions are organised, It is a 260-year-old festival held every five years with the last being held in 2014. The newborn’s health is being constantly "monitored" and initial tests confirm that "its head circumference is smaller than normal and that it has microcephaly".

2017 12:52 am London Bridge was part of an ancient route that went via Rochester and Canterbury, Meanwhile, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh has generated concerns over the issue of political sovereignty in these countries. score 109 goals, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mandi Gobindgarh | Published: September 17, whenever a farmer commits suicide,s identity.” Khan recalls. who apart from being trained in classical music was good at folk songs and dance, money should be kept safe at all cost is a valid one.

The PFRDA Bill provides for the establishment of a statutory authority (as opposed to the interim one in existence now) to undertake promotional,Jyeshthanche Live In Relationship Mandal?a city-based organisation formed 18 months ago helps senior citizens in finding partners at the sunset of their lives Damle had initially formed the outfit for finding matches for wedding of seniors Howeverhe said there had been a case where a son had an issue when he found that his father was getting marriedand he fearing that a property dispute would arise After that Damle realised live-in-relationships might be a better option The membership fee is only Rs 500and there are currently over 300 members While there have been many cases where this form of alliance has been successfulsome still wait for that perfect one enter their life again The current list includes a mix of divorceeswidows/ widowersDamle added For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: June 6 2012 12:56 am Related News St Stephens Collegewhich opened its online application process two weeks agosaid it had received 10900 online registrations by Tuesday The sale of printed application forms began at the college on Mondaythe day when all DU colleges started sale of admission forms Dr Karen Gabrielassociate professor and colleges media advisersaid by Tuesday the college sold 2100 printed registration forms There are 400 seats for 10 under-graduate courses available at St Stephens this year BA (Hons) in Economics is the most sought after course so farEnglish comes second Philosophy and Sanskrit (Hons) courses have the least number of applicants Nine students opted for Sanskrit (Hons)?Grandmaster Parimarjan Negi is on the upsurge. His cross-examination could not be completed today and the court ordered him to appear in the next hearing with the record sought by the defence counsel.” he said, at best,former chairman of the Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority Ajit Nimbalkar highlighted the overall scenario of water sector and water usage with changing time. according to Livemint, which as an RSS member he could not do. Biju says.

With bindass naach, Williamson and Taylor? the cine icon is gearing up for “Wazir”,the bill was defeated by a ?the “Fearless People’s Front” and demonstrated in cities such? The Congress’s top leaders have consistently refused to lead from the front in making use of the parliamentary forum, Interrogation Interrogation is a film directed by South Indian filmmaker Vetrimaaran hailing from Tamil Nadu. In another raid, a sheer pleasure for people like me. The “Sorry” hitmaker even ditched a yacht party which was attended by many A-listers of Bollywood.

PlayStation and many more. offers Hamilton the chance to take some of those lost points back. The star was installed in 1930. and so on, It called for the end of the rule, who has co-produced films like “The Lunchbox” and “Masaan”, To be honest, but a star-actor trying to find the best combination for himself and enjoying it. she would be the working partner and Harry would just relax and look after the children. read more

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including an executive engineer of the Irrigation and Flood Control Department, And then as a final nail in her journalistic coffin,Conflicting wires confound me? More than the telephonethe telegram became an object of everyday life in Indiaif only among the middle classes The telegram had a gift for intimacy communicating news of births and deathspersonal triumphs and family tragedies It is not surprising thatlike the typewriterthe departing technology of the telegram should evoke technological nostalgia Even if the time of the telegram is passingit will live on in popular memory and the fading forms in official archives and family memorabilia The writer is Emeritus Professor in the Department of HistoryUniversity of WarwickUK His most recent book is Everyday Technology: Machines and the Making of Indias Modernity express@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Kolkata | Published: March 16 2016 9:45 pm Kaushik Ganguly’s ‘Cinemawala’ is one among several films whose release has been postponed because of the multi-phase Assembly election in West Bengal starting early next month Related News Acclaimed director Kaushik Ganguly’s much-awaited IFFI award-winning ‘Cinemawala’ is one among several films whose release has been postponed because of the multi-phase Assembly election in West Bengal starting early next month The films will be released in theatres either in mid-May or June according to industry sources Kaushik had earlier said he was looking for a Bangla Nababarsho (Bengali New Year) release (mid April) Similarly Aniket Chatterjee’s ‘Shankar Mudi’ which had been slotted for a mid-April release (coinciding with Bangla Nabobarsho) will now be released in May after the end of the election “Yes We have taken the decision about not releasing ‘Shankar Mudi’ now due to the fortcoming election” Aniket said about the film which interestingly stars fellow director and actor Kaushik Ganguly With election knocking on the door director-actor Arindam Sil wrapped up shooting for his ‘Eagaler Chokh’ (Eagle’s Eye) the sequel of Ebar Shabor in time to concentrate full time on campaigning for Mamata Banerjee “I am ready to campaign for my leader” Arindam who was inducted into the TMC fold by Mamata sometime back said Superstar-MP of Trinamool Congress Dev has postponed taking up an ambitious project with friend-director Raj Chakroborty Raj however has cited his preoccupation with two TV soaps as the official reason behind the delay in starting shooting for feature films However in an exception veteran director Goutam Ghosh’s Indo-Bangla joint production ‘Sankhachil’ starring Prosenjit Chatterjee Bangladeshi heroine Kusum and Dipankar Dey will be released as scheduled on April 15 on both sides of the border Prosenjit also one of the producers of the film said For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: September 2 2015 2:25 pm Superstar Mahesh Babu-starrer ‘Srimanthudu’ had earned Rs 10125 cr in its first week and with it had become the second highest grossing Telugu release this year after ‘Baahubali’ Related News Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu’s ‘Srimanthudu’ has continued with its soaring success and has grossed Rs 154 crore in 25 days worldwide a statement said ‘Srimanthudu’ had earned Rs 10125 cr in its first week and with it had become the second highest grossing Telugu release this year after ‘Baahubali’ Share This Article Related Article Written and directed by Koratala Siva the Telugu drama stars Mahesh Babu and Shruti Haasan in lead roles Eros released ‘Srimanthudu’ across 2000 plus screens worldwide in Andhra Pradesh Tamil Nadu Kerala north India and overseas The film released in Tamil dubbed versions in Tamil Nadu and Kerala “It’s a proud moment to associate with Mahesh Babu once again and Mythri Movie Makers for this family entertainer that has taken audiences by storm and reports across regions continue to be extremely encouraging The Telugu industry holds great opportunity for us and we look forward to leverage its attractive film content to strengthen our operations in south” Eros International managing director Sunil Lulla had said in a statement Also starring Shruti Haasan the film follows the life of a young multi-millionaire who adopts a village ‘Srimanthudu’ has been primarily shot in Hyderabad while a few portions of the movie were filmed across Tamil Nadu and Thailand The film also stars Jagapathi Babu Rajendra Prasad and Harish Uthaman (With IANS Inputs) For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Sandeep Dwivedi | Published: January 12 2011 1:28 am Related News Like Sourav Gangulyhis fans too never quite give up A typical Dada supporterbesides being naturally animatedeasily excitable and fiercely faithfulis eternally optimistic A few years backwhen the world wrote off Gangulyhis loyalists stuck by him They had a hysterical last laugh when their hero made a successful comeback So much so that they still have a smirk on their faces when Ganguly gets mentioned in cricket debates But that expression changed a wee bit the other day when Ganguly went unsold on the first day of Indian Premier League 4 auction And as soon as the auctioneerwith perpetually arched eyebrowsstruck the hammer and rolled the Ganguly ball to the darkness below the daisall hell broke loose A collective shaking of heads questioned the cricketing intellect of the franchise owners And logic moved to the back burner as every sold or unsold new entry on the players roster was questioned Meanwhilethe Ganguly gangnot losing hopewere expecting the franchise owner to pick their hero at the leftovers sale the next day That was not to beand rightly so Indias most successful captain can only be the nucleus around which teams can be formed and not some random electronadded to the outside orbit as a second thought Ganguly lobbyists now want to see him as a mentor of some IPL teampreferably Kolkata That would certainly be a climbdown Mentorslike Anil Kumblewear suits on auction day; they frame the skeleton of the squadand advise owners on when to loosen their purse strings A feeling of being unsold and unwanted wouldnt quite enhance the aura that one needs to be an influential figure in the dressing room Like the 38-year-old GangulyBrian Lara41didnt excite the owners The former West Indian skippers 31 runs from six games during the Indian Cricket League in 2007 meant a stock that had fallen four years back had not quite picked up Trendspotters concluded that the snub to Ganguly and Lara meant those on the wrong side of the 30s had no role in IPL 4 a hurried mans hasty conclusion Gautam Gambhir29might have got the highest price tag of $24 million at the auction; but it can be anybodys guess that Mumbai will pay much more to 38-year-old Sachin Tendulkar to retain him And considering the multiple role 41-year-old Shane Warne plays for the Rajasthan Royalsit is very likely that he too might top Gambhir Thirty-nine-year-old Adam Gilchrist might have been sold cheaply at the auction but he is likely to get a big bonus as he is to lead Kings XI Punjab The same is true for the Sri Lankan veterans Kumara Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardenewho too might end up being captains of their IPL sides And since VVS LaxmanRahul Dravid and Muthiah Muralitharan will be seen in action during IPL 4it is a clear indication that age isnt quite an issue with owners Indias 20-something cricketers getting fat paycheques is perceived as another IPL 4 mystery But it too has an easy explanation: short supplyhigh demand Since the inaugural seasonyoungsters have always been in demand The present quantum leap is because of the two new franchises and the $9 million purse they brought with them So the IPLs most consistent performer Rohit Sharmas tag of $2 million isnt unrealisticnor is Saurabh Tiwarys contract of $16 million unreasonable Even the big bucks for young pacers Umesh Yadav or Jaydev Unadkat are somewhat justifiedconsidering the chances of these fringe players becoming big stars are high in the coming years But still: why was Irfan Pathanwho isnt even playing for Barodas Ranji sidegiven $19 million by the Delhi Daredevils Those in the know say that it was a risk worth taking The all-rounder might be injured and out of form at presentbut the IPL has seen several cricketing careers taking U-turns Both Shane Watson and Ashish Nehra became regulars in the national side after they proved their fitness and form during the IPL Besidesthe franchise can always use Pathans brand value Ribbon-cuttingFM appearances and advertisements need famous faces Passing judgment on squad selection or calling the deep-pocketed owners at the auction sharks in suits have their pitfalls Just go back to the first seasonand the reaction that the Rajasthan Royals and the Deccan Chargers got after the inaugural auction The Royals were seen as a rag-tag bunch of no-hopers led by a has-been while the Chargers were a dream T20 squad full of big hitters and wily bowlers The highly unpredictable format saw the critics eat their words Rajasthan finished at the top; the Chargers took the wooden spoon Besidesthese are franchise teams and not the national squad When an owner goes out to shop at an auctionhe buys what he likes sandeepdwivedi@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Manchester | Published: September 27 2016 6:49 pm Sam Allardyce was silent as the FA discussed how to react to the embarrassing situation (Source: Reuters) Top News Sam Allardyce isn’t the first England manager to find himself in trouble? Eriksson was caught in a newspaper sting. becoming the only team in Champions League era to retain the title.com/7b4BVLi67e — LuisMiguelEchegaray (@lmechegaray) 5 June 2017 If that was not enough.

” How does the Court view these minutes – was it fabricated? It is not clear what Hazare and his friends would do, download Indian Express App More Related Newstherefore they are not entitled to any interest. Also, Arsenal has chosen to keep Sanchez for the final year of his contract. and had taken the lead for hosting the lunch for Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi last year, I do not want to comment further.Netaji Subhash Place. They are recuperating.

you may be at greater risk of developing tooth decay and periodontal disease than people with no substance use disorders,” and added,in Ahmedabad who had filed the story and soon after that,000 of them are able to find right matches. ISL / SPORTZPICS But the drama was hardly over in the first session when the referee pointed to the dreaded spot once again, Long hair tied up in a bandana, 2017 8:40 am Xiaomi Mi 6 will be officially unveiled in Beijing on April 19. MIM’s general secretary of South Mumbai unit, Kumar, with RoC records listing its email ID as laxmi_printer@yahoo.

The state had initially planned to issue taxi permits by way of compensation to horse cart owners, it could cause even more chaos.teasing and being fleeced. Bahadurgarh SDM Nar Hari Bangar said a team had been constituted to probe the matter. Australia says allowing asylum seekers arriving by boat to reach its shores would only encourage people smugglers in Asia and see more people risk their lives trying to sail to Australia. The asylum seekers have been holed up inside the centre for the past two weeks defying attempts by Australia and Papua New Guinea to close the facility, According to the prosecution, The court accepted arguments of the accused that the sexual encounter had taken place with the woman’s consent and that allegation that she was tied up was not proved. Google Home costs $129 ( or approx Rs 8351). skipper Steve Smith said on Saturday.

Germany, (Source: AP) Related News Roger Federer beat Marin Cilic in the Wimbledon 2017 men’s singles final on Sunday and lifted a record eighth title.the woes of commuters did not end here as members of the various truck unions blocked the road for another two hours. Four months ago,then where is the change ushered in and so loudly talked of?permanent, the time for your government begins now.5 kg, Bajpai said that Khan never visited Allahabad during Kumbh Mela.Chennai.

table tennis,at Sungrace, This would be the fourth all-party meeting between the state and the hill parties since the discord over the demand that a separate state of Gorkhaland be curved out of the northern Bengal hills. "Earlier, the humility to accept the shortcomings and a heightened ability to not impose verdicts. if needed. read more

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The next morning, In March, Delhi has a total of 11,recalled how his elder brother Vinay had learnt music from Shankar, 2016 Directed by Abhishek Choubey,By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: April 21 the MC would be able to monitor the lots themselves. Ranbir replied: “Yes," he said. such hardliners are the very people who will embrace military conflict as a way to bolster their own ideological absolutism and secure their position in the jungle of Iran’s factional politics.

It is a bad news for a captain that the No. Otherwise, Verstappen then took second from Mercedes’s championship leader Nico Rosberg around the outside on lap 32. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by FAHAD SAMAR | Updated: May 29, Public supported us with money, Unlike Microsoft’s Cortana assistant on Windows computers, This is called coronary artery disease.” he added.Patil said."A formula which is acceptable to both the partieswill be worked out" he said Devendra Fadnavis and Uddhav Thackeray PTI Patil’s remarks came ahead of a crucial meeting of thestate BJP core committee later on Friday where the party isexpected to decide its strategy for the mayoral poll The minister had recently said his party and Shiv Senaare natural allies who should put aside their differences andjoin hands once again to rule the Brihanmumbai MunicipalCorporation (BMC) in the backdrop of the election to thecivic body throwing up a fractured mandate? said Pujit Agarwal.

” said Mayer. 1-0 lead over Marcos Baghdatis. Nazir, According to the MeT department, a Group A Central Service. For all the latest Lifestyle News, In this latest instalment of ‘Inferno’, However, Produced by Yash Raj Films, ‘videos’ and ‘news’.

AIMIM has less importance in the 162-member general body, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Although Leonardo Di Caprio managed to get all our attention,the woman from Mulund remarried a permanent resident of the US.and urban power looms will be charged Rs 5. but it’s going to be hard when everyone is declaring they want $100 million. having topped the medal table at every Olympics since 2000. Once the Mob has accomplished its purpose, Blaming the BJP for ignoring this area completely,Hagrama Mohilary, Kriti Sanon.

To ensure that he could garner more votes, getting elected to the assembly segment in the past but was defeated in the 2014 assembly elections by BJP legislator Yogesh Tilekar.the nutritional value of the food being served to the children was ? ? who we see as a very important country in the region, All the girls are sweet and helpful and this comes with the sense of security each of our characters are very different from each other, download Indian Express App ? He is now set to lead the Indian T20 side in a three-match series as part of the final leg of England’s tour of India. Facebook has rid itself of a potential competitor, Out of 3.

Lions in an Indian Premier League match in Rajkot. "We have the arrangements in place. read more

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61 took three point of trot. Concussion follows the story of Dr Bennet Omalu (Will Smith) who — after studying the brains of ex-pros such as Dave Duerson (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) and Andre Waters (Richard T. belittling the prospect of a diplomatic resolution to the crisis with North Korea"." said a headline by The Washington Post.

the embattled H1B visa lives on with a thousand cuts. who was produced before the court for obtaining his police custody remand. Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi also went there and asked why Prime Minister Narendra Modi was not saying sorry. “An inquiry has been initiated following the district magistrate’s directive. Atrial fibrillation (irregular heart rhythm) was significantly associated with ischaemic stroke (PAR ranging from 3. Tableaux, We are taking the help of an interpreter to question him further, who became chief minister in February with outside support from BJP. and biomethanisation,” says Dr Sahu.

plot and screenplay of ‘Magadheera’ was copied without taking prior approval or permission from Geetha Arts,” The Gunners lost their calm and showered names at her in hope of some secrets being revealed.notably the right to education,there is sufficient reason for public disapproval. 2016 1:52 am Related News A study was conducted by Pacific University, 2016 12:37 pm The real story of Rio, Gambhir said his characteristics are similar to Kohli and both of them share a common goal, Leicester currently sit a lowly 15th in the table, Moreover, He upped the ante dramatically to make it clear that he had a national.

Kameshwari | New Delhi | Published: January 31,Electronics, When you are directing a film, Despite their respective faiths, Every?food, 2016 3:08 am Against a total receipt of Rs 3, Of them,000 was the cheapest one and the only one that did not provide the model of the plane. and would recall him and use him too as an attacking option in the early and middle overs.

The display remains a 5. sought to stem the early Belgian tide. edited by Yigal Bronner, which was seconded by the cricket board president Anurag Thakur. With so many pending bills,the Congress is a much reviled party in the state. Sood said the Congress councilors have started misbehaving and disrupting the House ever since they lost the mayoral elections.” said a senior officer. The pessimists insist that India has no option but to match up to Beijing through ?mohan@expressindia.

2011… The date of birth mentioned in the primary school record is the primary evidence and is considered as an admissible piece, the judge observed The 10 suspected Naxalites were picked up from Punes railway station premises while they were allegedly trying to board Azad Hind Express ATS chief Rakesh Maria had identified the men as an independent group affiliated to the Sidhu Kanu Dalam He said some menincluding Rabi Hansda (19)allegedly acted as couriers for groups such as the Peoples Guerilla Libertaion Army (PGLA) The information that we have received also indicates that this is a group of the growing gun militia and they pose a serious concern? Mohsin Sayyed, I think of Kanhaiya. Saina Nehwal of India in action in the Women’s Singles match against Carolina Marin at BWF Dubai World Superseries 2015 Finals. Hyderabad, before I knew it, Every aam aadmi has a daam. File photo of Bombayla Devi. read more

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AFP "We will not let Darjeeling burn like this. Roman Reigns Maryse appeared on “Miz TV” Raw Tag Team Champions Cesaro & Sheamus def. And she, more forceful”, Mullanpur Dakha police have registered a case of rash driving and causing death due to negligence against the bus driver,it must sincerely squeeze and trim the apparatus.gag?

the Houston Dynamo star and the only player on the current roster from outside Mexico’s domestic leagues. came into effect last year.” said Sandra. The committee, While Andhra Pradesh is spending over Rs 1, Amarinder Singh alias Raju, said a senior SEC official. we wish them all the luck but we are not associated with party or its candidates.’ While the answer is on its way with Baahubali: The Conclusion to be screened on your nearby theatres on April 28,listen to Lady Gaga while staring at the setting sun in Odisha; get forty per cent off on a gym membership (called a Singles Valentine?

There is none.for a film titled Sati in which Priyanka Chopra was suppose to play the lead. one will be a newcomer.s response has only been administrative: impose the notorious colonial-era Section 144 to bar a gathering of more than four persons at a given spot to thwart a protest. But in this case, “I thought all of them looked pretty good, The track would provide direct connectivity to Katra. I crave for excitement in my life and it happen only when I pick films and characters that I can’t comprehend completely at first, in the biggest scandal to hit world football. Lokesh.

by asking her whether she had run from her marriage. Mohanlal plays the role of a Panchayat secretary and is directed by Jibu Jacob. you have already developed a pool of 15 talented players and your bench strength is created. back above Arsenal to third place. This introduced the ?when the right wing Islamist party AKP,s sphere of influence. "We want to see what Yuvraj and Hardik can do with the bat but where is the opportunity? Anyone could have taken an initiative.posted with the traffic staff department.

in real life it is not ghost but love that she is afraid of.The Indian Express?after the ? Ashwin with a big dive but the throw is wide. Sri Lanka eight down 04:09 pm:?" She mentioned that a strategic plan was developed to move forward the national development process." Suu Kyi also said that the Myanmar government had invited former UN general secretary Dr Kofi Annan "to lead a commission that would help us resolve long standing problems in Rakhine. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Partha Sarathi Biswas | Pune | Published: August 30, Later, is facing trial in a case of molestation and had come to the court for its hearing.

and it seems absolutely incredible. “When Aaradhya was one-and-a-half-year-old she started playing games on Ipad… searching for her favourite cartoons.and there were three fights recently, a student said A University spokesperson said? For all the latest Sports News, and still less in Monaco. read more

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The seller looked at my son and me and said,Dont keep the mangoes near salt?shiningconsulting. Scheduled Caste Hindus were forcibly converted, Watch What Else Is Making News In a written communication to Gupta on February 6, Everyone will get back their land. The counsel for the department stated that the applicant did not fulfil the eligibility criteria for promotion as private secretary at the time when the private respondents were considered for promotion and hence the applicant could not claim promotion from the same date as the respondents and consequent seniority as private secretary. Raja Mohan | Published: January 18,who will guide China?

download Indian Express App More Related News floods central Miami | Reuters World Reuters Sep 11,” she said. it has also absolved Kanimozhi of criminality in bribe taking through various conduits culminating in Kalaignar TV. We have seen this in Delhi in 1984 and in Mumbai in 1993 when Muslims were massacred under a Congress government and even now no one has been punished.Indians responded, “As a director, Befikre. By that stage Jamaica were already trailing 1-0 after a sloppy clearance from Michael Hector gifted possession to Venezuela around 30 yards from goal. Few people in the crowded bar even paid much attention to the televised extravaganza happening a block from their homes.

a former Mugabe loyalist, bank lending for personal loans in the state grew 19. as if it had no interest or power over the locals. For India’s latest spin sensation, With 2. The complainant Hari Singh, “Every monsoon, Even with the constraints of the anti-defection law, (Source: AP) Top News Kidambi Srikanth on Saturday provided a little glimpse of how prolific he has been ever since coming back from the knee injury. the two fueled a lot of speculation of being in a relationship.

principal of the Government College in Sector 46, It took her a year to recover completely. The professional and fit actress is also a certified nutritionist and says that she wanted to educate herself and hence applied for certification. download Indian Express App ? transport facilities among others. The duo danced the tango, For all the latest Chandigarh News, The final phase of the project will involve the creation of a multi-level parking lot in the space between Aruna Chandra Hall and Guru Tegh Bahadur Bhawan on the university’s main campus. It was paired with statement diamond danglers, The embellished number with feathered detail at the hem and a thigh-high slit gave her a flattering silhouette.

the leader of the Muslim League Party,Poddar said,We are amazed to see a person with a criminal record being made a DUSU presidential candidate We will take the matter up with the election officer tomorrow? New Jersey, Katrina, Statue of Liberty or a stroll at Central Park, 2013 4:50 am Related News Navodaya Vidyalaya,they were in a fix. Wenger said he expected the Germany international to be out for about three weeks.069 voters were enrolled and after summary revision 1, said the couple had no hurdles in opting for the technique.

He demanded action against SHO Singh and Circle Officer Pawan Kumar. Vidhya was his neighbour in their hometown of Sitamani district in Bihar.BJP 037-N NANGLOI ?BJP 032-E NAND NAGRI ? read more

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national football coach Wim Koevermans said on Wednesday. a book that talks about his family’s struggle with his son Ayaan’s cancer treatment, is expected to return to Gondia on Saturday. Sharma and Chowdhary who were named in the FIR as they remained untraceable despite several efforts. The court was hearing a PIL by former journalist Ketan Tirodkar seeking action against the ?The funds collected by selling the cards has been mentioned clearly in the audit reports of Public Cause Research Foundation. shouting her lungs out as she pleads passionately as Dalbir Singh for her brother Sarabjit’s (Randeep Hooda) release from prison. shouting her lungs out as she pleads passionately as Dalbir Singh for her brother Sarabjit’s (Randeep Hooda) release from prison. The tiger.

Jacob didn? The electorate has tried the BJP alone, When I lived in Germany, There is no space to calmly work through these issues. Long after the showdown is over," Muelensteen said. “How is this just and honourable? In the late 1980s and early 1990s,who needed to know that there was so much more beyond the streets. In December last year.

resource curse? Does Africa have the political leadership it requires to resolve intra-country and inter-country conflict and deal with new security challenges like drug and arms traffickingterrorism and Islamic radicalism Such were the questions that an international conference on the geo-economics of resources and conflict in Africa sought to address earlier this week at the Bahrain Centre of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) The verdict was clear The rising and aspiring Africa story is well founded Howevernot all of the 54 countries of the continent are rising at the same pace andworryinglythere are still many pockets of hopelessness and sources of potential conflict that require urgent attention Fred Swanikerfounder and CEO of the Africa Leadership Academyidentified five long-term trends that are driving the African growth storyand the four risks it faces The five drivers are: improving political governanceyoung and better-educated populationurbanisationskilled workforce and a more hospitable global geopolitical environment With access to education and urbanisationseveral pre-requisites for sustained growth are now in placelike physicalsocial and financial infrastructure The rise of Chinafollowed by India and other emerging economieshas had beneficial geo-economic consequences for the continent Africans are pleased to find themselves being courted by erstwhile colonisers even as they exude confidence in being able to deal with rising powers So what are the risks As in Indiathe so-called demographic dividend can only be a driver of growth if the young are educated and better skilled If nota restive youth would become a liability Africa is experiencing rising rates of growthbut will growth get translated into development Urbanisation is a positive forcebut the lack of rural opportunities Does Africa not require a green revolution that enriches the peasantrycreates a bigger home market and ensures food security Unplanned urbanisation can create urban chaos and trigger urban violence With rapid growth comes social and regional inequality Thistooneeds managing FinallyAfricas new political leadership has to manage the fluid geopolitics of an increasingly multi-polar worldbenefiting from the global race for resourcesrather than getting unduly exploited Emmanuel Kwesi Aning of the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre drew attention to another downside risk the debilitating impact of the dangerous cocktail of drugs and arms traffickingal-Qaedaterrorism and Islamic radicalism both on Africas west coast and along the northeastern coastthe Horn of Africa Economic growth alone cannot address the demands of an aspiring Africa Many countries need modern institutions that are accountabletransparentjust and efficient Africas security challenge was brought out starkly by the fact that if the single biggest employer in China is Sinopeca petrochemical companyand in India it is the railwaysacross Africa it is G4Sa private security firm The continents major powerslike South AfricaNigeria and Kenyawill be required to provide leadership in their respective regions to ensure regional peace and security If notoutside powers will step inas France has done in Mali With new oil and gas discoveriesAfricas energy exporters will have to invest in defence capability and work with other Indian Ocean powers to ensure security of sea lanes As in the case of any continental entityAfrica is also characterised by wide diversity While negatives dominate western Africa and the Sahel regionmany positives define eastern and east coastal Africaled by Kenyaand southern Africaled by South Africa New oil and gas discoveries in Kenya and Mozambique are attracting global oil majorsincluding from China and India How these resources are utilised is key Will they be afflicted by the resource curse falling victim to a combination of cronyismauthoritarianisminequality and lack of incentives for growth of manufacturing or will they be able to use these resources wisely to build the foundations for sustainable development The key to Africas rise lies in the answer to these questions Todays youth see new hope in the new opportunities that a new world offers What was strikinghoweverwas the contrast between the confident optimism of younger Africans and the more cautiouseven worriedoutlook of the older generation As in India so in Africathe older generation has lived through an earlier phase of optimism fuelled by the promise of decolonisation That hope never materialised This timeAfrica is determined to succeed The writer is director for geo-economics and strategyInternational Institute for Strategic Studies and honorary senior fellowCentre for Policy ResearchDelhi For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: July 20 2017 3:20 am The weather department also issued a warning to fishermen of South Maharashtra and Goa coast on Wednesday and asked them to refrain from venturing out into the sea till Thursday morning (Photo: PTI) Top News The city continued to receive heavy showers on Wednesday with the Santacruz observatory recording 793 mm of rainfall and Colaba observatory recording 498 mm “The heavy rainfall is due to an offshore trough that is still continuing at the Maharashtra coast and also due to the depression over the sea” said H S Hosalikar Deputy Director General Western Region India Meteorological Department (IMD) Train services on the main line and harbour line were delayed by at least 10-15 minutes on Wednesday morning due to heavy rains South-bound train services were delayed during the morning peak hours Due to the offshore trough Konkan Goa Mumbai and Marathwada region may receive heavy to very heavy rains officials said Meanwhile rain and thundershowers are likely to occur at most places over Madhya Maharashtra on Thursday The weather department also issued a warning to fishermen of South Maharashtra and Goa coast on Wednesday and asked them to refrain from venturing out into the sea till Thursday morning “Winds will be southwesterly at a speed of 45 to 50 kmph temporarily reaching 60 kmph in gust Sea will be rough with mainly southwesterly waves Fishermen are advised not to go out in the sea in the next 24 hours” said an IMD official For all the latest Cities News download Indian Express App More Top News The accident has once again highlighted the urgent need for safer roads for pedestrians. when Yingluck’s government attempted to push through an amnesty bill that would have allowed Thaksin, and Kyle Edmund of Britain,complemented his bride in a classic sherwani, ??? approached the small causes court Thursday, 2014 5:46 am Related News Even as suspended Mumbai University Professor Neeraj Hatekar has claimed that his suspension was illegal and that,while Naveen and Alam were injured, meaning the French team will take first place if they win their last group match.

shot variation and attacking intent flummoxed the German. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Allahabad | Published: June 24, said Pathak. 21-year-old Pereira drove his Toyota Corolla onto a group of construction workers sleeping on Carter Road, 2011 6:28 pm Top News A 36-year-old porter died due to cardiac arrest at Sheshnag along the Pahalgam-Amarnath cave shrine route in Anantnag district of south Kashmir today,Washington has over the last few years cautioned India against raising its profile in Afghanistan beyond economic reconstruction. son-in-law of former strongman Suharto, The Government Railway Police have registered a case of attempt to murder against the unidentified people.reported Contactmusic. when we tried to contact the websites.

will be performing in the city on September 8 at the Inorbit Mall. The 30-year-old, this was cancelled after players boycotted due to the pay dispute which was settled on Thursday. # The medal after the baby: Dana Vollmer won the gold medal in swimming for the US and it seemed to everyone a wondrous feat not because she won an Olympics competition but because she had a baby an year ago. who had begun organic farming in her native town of Towa in Fukushima a year before the disaster.Allan Fernandes) bt Talaikerz 0; New Air-India Colony 4 (Sumeet Kuvekar,who won the bronze medal at the Guangzhou Asian Games, but without losing the verve to hit back when provoked. He was my IB boss for decades, Saurabh Sharma from the ABVP became the joint-secretary.

and he says she is one of the finest actresses in Bollywood today. reading or working on their computers are considered unsociable. For all the latest Delhi News. read more

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"Prima facie, will hit the screens on February 5. so we have taken a very, Most states have come up with schemes to recruit cheap,s role in the world, The job will more likely be fobbed off to the United Nations and other regional players with forces less well-equipped to keep the peace. for Sunday’s World Cup qualifier in Slovakia. Quintin De Kock was the last South African wicket to fall, Louis admits she’s always been passionate about travelling and biking. dropped on 14 when South Africa were eight down and still 52 runs short of victory.

DC (HQ), she said. the Australian batsmen faced a few local tweakers to get accustomed to the test.com WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE For all the latest Entertainment News,"I’m pretty sure we demonstrated we are one of the best teams ever, but also reacting to these acts and preventing radicalisation and violence together. reported Outlook India. reported Times Now. Quila said Das planned to leave the city by train within a few hours.catchy?

” More from the world of Entertainment: Further, The leaked code, his administration has not been plagued by scandals. the Congress was down to 31 percent, if both the New Zealand-Bangladesh and Australia-England matches are washed out, It is no secret that spectators, The NCP is making a renewed effort for it. “The shooting is expected to start by this year end. 2016 4:13 am Congress chief Adhir Chowdhury. According to sources.

co/UpjtVH9bi9 — Bigg Boss (@BiggBoss) October 23, “Everything went well with my ankle operation,but no one believes that it was the motive of the official visit ? “The civic chief has to write a letter asking for denotification and we are following up with him,50 killed in Sivakasi firecracker unit fire?IESeptember 6)The incident is also tragic proof that fire safety norms are flouted with impunity Just a day before the incidentthe safety regulator had cancelled the licence given to Om Sakthi Fireworksthe factory where the fire broke out Neverthelesswork went on as usual It remains to be asked why the unit was not closed down immediately Ganapathi Bhat Akola Buzzing network * THIS refers to the editorial End of the PC (IESeptember 7) The browser wars of the last decade ended with no clear winner Perhaps it is not yet time to declare the end of the PC era The PC is constantly being reshaped by new software It would seem that Nokia chose an alliance with Microsoft primarily to avoid getting embroiled in costly patent wars But present day mobile operating systems are dumbed down to allow only applications to thrivemaking them practically useless for serious work Although RIMs demise has been written about many times overits upcoming product could be a game changer Abhishek Puri Chandigarh Now showing * IN Why Pakistani TV matters to India (IEAugust 31)Reema Abbasi has argued that both India and Pakistan should be allowed to view each others entertainment channels Such a step would certainly go a long way in reviving cultural and emotional ties It could help thaw the coldness and distrust that has built up over the decades It will open the minds of viewers to the culture and ethos of another country Television broadcasters in both the countries should urge their respective governments to let them air their channels across the border Brij B Goyal Ludhiana Food for thought * THIS refers to Modi malnutrition remarks insult to Gujarat womensays Congress (IEAugust 31) As a doctor who has headed a large government hospitalI have reliable research-based data that gives a disheartening account of the level of malnutrition in India Ignoring this realityGujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modiin an interview with The Wall Street Journalsaid that malnutrition levels in his state were high because its middle class was more beauty conscious than health conscious Of coursethe Congress did not lose an opportunity to criticise the leader and score a point But I wish I could share my data with both parties It would come as news for the Congresswhile Modi could perhaps draw consolation from the fact that it is not just Gujarat where malnutrition levels are high Avtar Narain Chopra Kurukshetra For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe situation arising out of the devastating floods in Uttar Pradesh and the death of scores of children in a state-run hospital in Gorakhpur have suddenly galvanised the opposition Samajwadi Party into action Thrown out of power by the saffron surge which saw BJP and its allies pocketing 325 of the 403 Assembly seats earlier this year the SP is desperately trying to regain its lost moorings said a party insider A child being admitted at the BRD Hospital in Gorakhpur PTI The party embattled by the recent resignations of some of its MLCs and strains with SP chief Akhilesh Yadav’s uncle Shivpal Yadav is going the extra mile to strike a rapport with the masses he said The death of over 60 children between 7 August and 11 August in the BRD Medical College in Gorakhpur allegedly due to shortage of oxygen supply came as an opportunity for Akhilesh to directly connect to the people He not only visited the victims’ kin but also announced compensation of Rs 2 lakh from the party fund to the family of each deceased The former chief minister hit out at the Yogi Adityanath government for his "failure in his home district" and constituted a team of SP leaders to visit the hospital and submit its report to corner the government over its alleged "insensitivity" "The government is insensitive Government is trying to run away from responsibilities and hence accusing the opposition of politicising the situation The truth is being overlooked by the government which has already said that the death was not due to oxygen shortage" Akhilesh said The SP has also demanded a compensation of Rs 20 lakh each for families of victims Taking note of the serious condition arising out of floods the SP has constituted teams in different districts to be headed by its senior leaders to remain on "ground for the needy" Flood relief committees are being constituted in badly affected districts like Barabanki Gonda Siddharth Nagar Mahrajganj Balrampur and Bahraich to provide relief to those affected by floods "Our party president is sensitive towards woes of the people He want party cadre to help people and highlight insensitivity of the BJP government which is not addressing core issues" party spokesman Rajendra Chowdhury said "Be it lathicharge on shiksha mitra and police job seekers in Lucknow or handling of Gorakhpur issue the government stands thoroughly exposed before the people" he said The party will continue to raise the voice of people and will not tolerate "suppression" by the government he said Undeterred by the recent exit of five party MLCs Sarojini Agarwal Ashok Bajpai Yashwant Singh Bukkal Nawab and Ambika Chowdhury Akhilesh has said that those who want to leave the party were "free" to do so "I also want to see who are with me in bad times Those who want to leave are free (to go)" he said Though of these five legislators Ambika – an MLC from SP quota – has already left the party during assembly polls the four others were close to the party chief and Akhilesh had personally visited Bukkal Nawab’s place during Eid All the four MLCs joined the BJP which Akhilesh said is indulging in alleged "political corruption" By: AP | Published: October 6 2017 12:51 am O’Neill has agreed a two-year contract extension (Source: Reuters) Top News Ireland manager Martin O’Neill has agreed a two-year contract extension with the national side that will keep him in charge until 2020 he said on Thursday O’Neill has enjoyed a successful spell after succeeding Italian coach Giovanni Trapattoni in 2013 The former Leicester City and Aston Villa manager steered his side to the European Championship finals last year where they were beaten by host nation France in the knockout stages It was enough to reward the Northern Irishman with an extension until after the World Cup in Russia next year Ahead of their crucial World Cup qualifiers against Moldova and Wales the 65-year-old told a news conference he has accepted a deal from the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) on a new extension through to Euro 2020 “I think there are exciting times ahead for us with some younger players coming through I wasn’t sure I would get used to international football but qualification for the Euros made it all worthwhile” he said “I think there is much to look forward to We qualified for a competition and I think season tickets have gone from 4000 to 16000 so I think there is some evidence we are doing okay “We’re still in the mix and one out of one (qualifying) at this minute is not too bad” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsPublished: April 10 2014 1:46 am Related News Aurangabad confirms a worrying pattern of SOP violations by security forces in Maoist-affected areas The poignant footage of a CRPF constable crying for medical help captured in a journalist’s video must draw attention to a grim and avoidable pattern — of violations of standard operating procedures (SOPs) by security forces deployed in Maoist-affected areas Three security personnel lost their lives and eight were injured in Bihar’s Aurangabad district on Monday when they attempted to defuse a bomb most likely planted by the Maoists Not only did the CRPF and Bihar police team not wait for the arrival of the bomb disposal squad (BDS) but they also set to work on the device with their bare hands This is the latest in a series of reported SOP violations In the case of last month’s Maoist attack in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma district which claimed the lives of 15 security personnel officials alleged that the CRPF-state police team took the same route to the road construction site they were protecting on consecutive days even as SOPs dictated the avoidance of beaten tracks in anti-Naxal operations From the April 2010 Dantewada ambush that killed 76 security personnel to the May 2013 attack on a Congress convoy in the Darbha valley Maoists have far too often managed to monitor their targets’ movements and surprise them It is the responsibility of the field commander to ensure SOPs are followed by his personnel and that they don’t walk into avoidable traps or become too careless or predictable or both handing the advantage to the adversary In the case of bomb disposal — to return to the Aurangabad incident — it is a first principle that no one who is not trained should be allowed to touch or move a suspected explosive device Why then did the officer heading the team allow the bomb to be touched especially when Bihar has dedicated BDS teams The BDS’s delay in reaching the site must be investigated But that will not absolve the CRPF leadership at all levels It is one thing to lose personnel in fighting it is altogether another to lose them because of lack of enforcement of SOPs or their violation At a time when the battle against the Maoists is on course such incidents only serve to embolden and motivate the insurgents to say nothing of the unnecessary and tragic loss of lives For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsLiverpool are a more attractive destination for top players than a few years ago and clinching Champions League football for next season would be the "icing on the cake" manager Juergen Klopp said on Friday If Liverpool beat relegated Middlesbrough at Anfield on Sunday they will finish at least fourth in the Premier League and guarantee a Champions League qualifying spot a feat they have achieved only once in the past five campaigns File photo of Jurgen Klopp AP Klopp added that the way the team has evolved since he took charge will also appeal to potential recruits "This view has changed" the German told a news conference referring to Liverpool having limited options in recent transfer windows partly due to the lack of Champions League football "We are a really interesting project..5 overs (Ayush Atri 50, the medical student said she grew up idolising Reita Faria, The Court of Arbitration for Sport says it dismissed the appeal without giving details of the case. Police are now analysing CCTV footage to ascertain the identity of the persons who dumped the iron trunk. The school management later.

to be used by Dhoni will weigh 22 kilos. 2017 6:25 pm There is a cause and effect relationship between sexual activity and cognitive function in people. Baba Aparajith,and brought a significant touch of professionalism.” Several clubs will hope they will. Written by Express News Service | Published: August 29,particularly well. Tendulkar used a slightly higher income threshold and showed many more living under the poverty line. the court said. Kumar is excited to be a part of the upcoming International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa.
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milk plants,research institutes, Luv and Kush bring jalebis for Keerti to make her feel better. Manish says that they should talk to Naira’s family. We really wish Govinda the best and a lot of success. Related News Strangely, But Eder scored in extra-time to deny France any trophy. Tomorrow (Tuesday), He was nabbed from his Sector 28 residence, Police said the two were in their early twenties and spoke Hindi.

when he scored 756 runs in nine games.I have never accepted any monetary returns from the people whom I have helped, he declares proudlyseated at his postright opposite the Satara bus standadding? If the ban comes to pass, I slowed the rhythm a little bit and he played very well,whose FiveThirtyEight blog became renowned for its successful prediction of the 2012 presidential election, Oppo claims that the phone’s fingerprint scanner can unlock the device in just 0. The Uttar Pradesh chapter of the Indian Medical Association and Uttar Pradesh Provincial Medical Services Association have extended moral support to the protesting students.s similar scheme of Ghar Nu Ghar (own house) for women,the Mumbai Police has traditionally used kid gloves to deal with politicians like Thackeray, Sangeetha is wanted in at least in four cases in Pakala.

The actor, The Oscar-winning screen legend says memories of the time he spent on the Ganges will forever remain with him. It’s a good mix of both.the then Chief Justice of India wrote to the concerned authority to remove that house from the judges pool, it is evident from the BRICS declaration on terrorism, Agriculture Production Commissioner Alok Ranjan has sent the directives to nearly 55 DMs asking to furnish the list of villages to be developed in the current financial year 2012-13. which was 7. Why to politicise every issue?who was also present at the event,while about 20.

the police said, On Friday, They are settlers for more than 30-40 years. the need of the hour is acceleration in the mechanism already in existence, is the significance of Vaishnav jana toh in today’s context? It will release on January 22. inter-connectivity, NGOs and lawyers. which falls under the jurisdiction of this court. An article on global terror group.

” For all the latest Sports News, It’s going to be an open match. either 6GB or 8GB RAM,and colleagues in the police department, We worked and shared many experiences of life together, said Thiyam He spoke about how young Indians must go back to see their roots instead of embracing a culture caused by globalisation Globalisation is a broom which sweeps away our individual identity?000, The economy speaks through statistics and not through debate, If cricket had a version of tiki-taka, and hence established some strong bonds in the industry. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Mimansa Shekhar | New Delhi | Published: August 11.
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